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  1. Air con ideas please

    I agree with what RUM4MO says above, it's a very complicated system and VCDS can scan the A/C for fault codes. That would be the way forward IMO.
  2. Loss of power and oil consumption

    Hi mate, sorry to hear you're still having issues with the car. Sometimes when you get one that hasn't been well maintained by the previous owner then it takes a while to get things sorted out. From the videos it definitely looks like you still have some issues. It's possible the lambda is...
  3. Change alternator (brushes) vr6

    Welcome to the forum. I can't help on that specifically, but there are good videos on youtube about reconditioning alternators and how to strip and rebuild them. 95% of alternators are of an almost identical design.
  4. Its all gone wrong mummy!

    Glad you've narrowed it down are you sure the ECU is bad, not just a fuse supplying it has gone? Tbh i'm not 100% sure on the part number requirements, as long as it is from the right engine code ie AUQ then I shouldn't imagine it matters, although i'm definitely not 100% sure on that. It will...
  5. Its all gone wrong mummy!

    Wtf, thats crazy mate. Usually I would say its definitely related to the fact the scanner won't connect, but then if you have sparks at the plugs, i really don't see how taht can be the case. Do you have voltage at pin 16 of the OBD 2 socket? Will the scanner not connect to anything, or just...
  6. 18T turbo oil feed pipe.

    For future ref the coolant is piss easy to drain on these cars anyway, there's a tap on the bottom rad inlet.
  7. Its all gone wrong mummy!

    Clutching at straws here, but if you have fuel, sparks, timing and compression and it still doesn't start, do you have air? Is there a blockage in front of the maf, or has the throttle body failed in the fully closed position? Maybe something got sucked into the air intake from the paint shop...
  8. Its all gone wrong mummy!

    The upper cambelt cover just clips on, other than that you could look through the oil filler cap while someone else turns it over on the starter. You should be able to see the camshafts turning. Will keep my fingers crossed for you, but like I said you only really need 3 things for an engine to...
  9. Its all gone wrong mummy!

    If the cambelt is ok, you have 4 sparks and fuel, it should start..... The fact you can't connect to the ECU would make me think that is at fault, but the fact you have sparks rules out any sensor and ecu issue imo. That only leaves lack of fuel and the cambelt, don't see it can be anything else.
  10. VCDS Cable + software

    Here is the official page for what is covered. Seems you may have to be registered to see 'measuring blocks' and 'advanced values' but i've only ever used the full version.
  11. what have you done to your car today ?

    They do one specifically for the mk1 AUQ
  12. ABS ESP lights on, Handbrake light flashing

    There are also companies that will repair ABS units if needed. Post away and they post it back.
  13. Trim removal - tools and guides

    As thai said i aslo don't worry about plastic ones for the door cards. Unless you are super OCD and as long as you are careful, metal tools will make such minimal damage, it's practically un-noticable. If you do want to get some plastic ones then those ones look ok. I have tried using the type...
  14. Mechanical failure N249

    I can't see any obvious way that the N249 could produce an overboost condition at 2.5k. I guess if there was a big leak it could cause the DV to fail to open between gear changes, but if you are geting overboost under acceleration, then i'd check the n75 and the vac lines to and from it.
  15. Cam chain replacement advice pls :)

    Really feel for you on that one mate, it looks like a bitch of a job too. I've not got any hands on experience with the TFSI, but have done similar jobs on BMW's. Wish i could offer you a solution, but after reading through it and watching your video nothing much really springs to mind other...
  16. Battery Drain?

    Possibly something they did, although possibly just coincidence as well. This video may help you test how much current is being drawn.
  17. Oil pressure switch...

    Hi mate, from memory the oil pressure switch screws into the top of the oil filter housing. These engines can suffer with blocked oil pick ups, may be well worth the time to drop the sump and replace the pick up pipe. Removing the sump is fairly stright forward on the 1.8t. No need to break the...
  18. Cam chain replacement advice pls :)

    I would take a guess that maybe the chain has steched ever so slightly, allowing the cam to advance slighty. Like I say that is just an idea though. What did you decide? How did you get on?
  19. Using VCDS to check the operation of the CCM and door locks.

    Glad you found it helpful mate. :) The amount of data given by some of the modules surprised me as well when i first got VCDS, especially the locking and the air-con modules. I may do a couple more vids on VCDS when i get chance. Maybe one to program keys, and one to show how I coded a new...
  20. Loss of power and oil consumption

    Sounds like a plan mate, if it's the same part number then you should be all goo, i know the AKL was also in the A3 and the Octavia so sounds good to me.
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