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  1. HighFlyingBird

    SEAT have ruined the LEON

    I don't like the droop snoot at the front of the car they could've probably met the pedestrian safety requirements without doing that. The DSG gear selector looks a bit daft, but as long as there's paddles as standard with the DSG box I see no issue. The one thing that really puts me off is...
  2. HighFlyingBird

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    I traded my Leon in a couple of weeks ago now. There were a few things it was doing that were starting to annoy me, like the "critical gearbox failure, take to workshop" message on the dash for a few minutes after setting off every now and then, and the infamous mariachi band had decided to have...
  3. HighFlyingBird

    Seat Leon vibration

    It’s definitely not wheelspin. Did you also replace the flywheel? I can’t remember if they’re dual mass or not, dual mass flywheels are usually troublesome. If not maybe have that replaced and see if it solves the issue. If it that doesn’t solve it I’d say the gearbox itself is faulty, maybe a...
  4. HighFlyingBird

    Seat Leon vibration

    Might be the clutch packs still bedding in if they’re new, if not I’d take it back and have them inspect it. What caused you to have to swap the clutch packs out? I thought the ones in the 7 speed DSG were good for life almost
  5. HighFlyingBird

    Seat Leon 1.6 SE TDI 2015

    If you go for osram cool blue bulbs try avoid the higher wattage/voltage ones they do, when I had an SE with halogens and I wanted better bulbs I read reviews from people whos bulbs had overheated and exploded in the light housings
  6. HighFlyingBird

    seat leon steering wheel

    If the button currently doesn’t do anything then you could swap the wheel so you have the voice control button, but I wouldn’t bother the voice control is naff and never gets what you say right
  7. HighFlyingBird

    Glue behind A/C temperature Screen has gone

    Was wondering what this was, I thought I’d managed to chip it. The part number for the whole thing is 5F0907044H but I’m not paying around £130 for a used one when a blast with the hair drier and a good push would probably fix it
  8. HighFlyingBird

    Tailgate/boot rattle

    Mine does this too and I can’t find out what it is, it sounds like something hitting the tailgate trim but I taped down everything under there so there’s nothing moving but the noise is still there. My passenger air vent squeaks when I go round corners too and I’ve had that out and still can’t...
  9. HighFlyingBird

    Considering converting my 1.4 leon into a 2.0 cupra by installing the 2.0 system is it doable?

    Mine is the 7 speed DSG so clutch upgrade isn’t an option. Apparently they’re available for the box I have but they’re over £1k
  10. HighFlyingBird

    Considering converting my 1.4 leon into a 2.0 cupra by installing the 2.0 system is it doable?

    What else would need doing once that’s shoved onto a 1.4? Surely to reach the 240hp mark you’d need a good tune and some stronger internals
  11. HighFlyingBird

    Induction kit 1.4 fr

    190 isn’t too bad, but I’m too tight to be able to buy one haha
  12. HighFlyingBird

    Induction kit 1.4 fr

    Christ that’s expensive for what it is
  13. HighFlyingBird

    2015 FR - Active Info Display - Lap timer & Warning at problem

    How did you retrofit the digital display?
  14. HighFlyingBird

    Auto wipers problem/Coding dump needed

    I think it was a faulty sensor, I had a look in VCDS and all the coding was correct so I swapped the sensor for a new one and it doesn’t do it anymore.
  15. HighFlyingBird

    1.4 tsi 150 ACT 0-62 times

    I’ve not had an issue with mine, been running 170hp with 300nm of torque since early December.
  16. HighFlyingBird

    Apple CarPlay volume

    On the home page in the Spotify app on your phone go into the settings in the top right and then click playback. Set the volume to loud, I found that it helps a bit
  17. HighFlyingBird

    Grinding on full lock

    I’ve not noticed it do it since that night so maybe it was just dirt stuck somewhere? Just drove to London and back (450 miles) without any issues so I guess it was nothing
  18. HighFlyingBird

    Grinding on full lock

    Yeah it’s only while it’s moving, but when I turn the wheel while stationary there’s a really loud metal groaning/creaking noise but my other Leon did that too. Checked all the CV joints, drop links and struts best I could in this weather but didn’t see anything split or leaking
  19. HighFlyingBird

    Grinding on full lock

    Managed to get a video of the noise best I could
  20. HighFlyingBird

    Grinding on full lock

    Today my cars started making a grinding noise when it’s on full lock in both directions when it’s moving at low speeds, it sounds a bit like a grinding noise and seems to have a “woosh” sound to it as if it’s a wheel scraping on something, I’ve checked the wheel wells and the suspension behind...
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