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  1. cordobabrendy 10 years old

    10 years.... was it really that long ago, some of the more reckless trackdays must be be an anniversary next year too then? Jase, we must have been pretty heavy posters of bollox seeing as we still have multiple posts per day as our average :D Many happy returns SCN!
  2. cordobabrendy

    Come on Cordy drivers!

    A gent to the end pete! Strange that it didnt flare up on the run down to the hotel though or earlier in the day. I have to say that the blowout on the S's at the top of the track were more unsettling as I'd been tustling with the mk2 for quite a few laps then flooring it round onto the back...
  3. cordobabrendy

    Come on Cordy drivers!

    Still sends shivvers down my back thinking about the moment that happened. Car drove 100% afterwards too :D
  4. cordobabrendy

    Come on Cordy drivers!

    Yea I do as a rtack day car, the 16v is/was quicler through the corners, but the 20vt was just that step ahead on the straights. Lovely car to drive but loved gearboxes and after the timing belt went then the tappets, it was time to fix and trade in, I moved onto a brand new Cupra (back on 04)...
  5. cordobabrendy

    Come on Cordy drivers!

  6. cordobabrendy

    Come on Cordy drivers!

    Ill just post up everything I have left of my old cordy (going back a few years now!) Apologies to 56kers in advance, Mine was the black one through all manner of mods and the others some will remember from here too.
  7. cordobabrendy

    Accelerator Position Sensor Signal too High

    I suppose it gets used a fair amount. You could try swapping it with another owner at a meet or whatever and see if it follows the pedal unit.
  8. cordobabrendy

    Accelerator Position Sensor Signal too High

    Being drive by wire, the accelerator pedal is just a potentiometer which sends an electronic signal to the throttle/plenum. Basically I think it looks like the pedal cannot tell where it is positioned (imagine playing a piano, its easier with your eyes open. now close your eyes and let someone...
  9. cordobabrendy

    Accelerator Position Sensor Signal too High

    Tell me if im wrong here, but your accelerator pedal sounds faulty, disconnect it and give it a good clean.
  10. cordobabrendy

    Mods out weighing map?

    In that case, it sounds like you have either a leaky vacuum pipe or possibly faulty sensor. Have you had vagcom on the job yet to show any fault codes? That must be your next step otherwise you might as well spit in the fire for all the good it will do matey.
  11. cordobabrendy

    Mods out weighing map?

    Revo dont really do mild and wild remaps, its a case of turning the boost etc down. Speak to Revo or get someone local with vagcom to measure your boost etc and log it. Your mods are pretty basic bar the relocations which are really a waste of time to be honest. I had a larger Intercooler etc...
  12. cordobabrendy

    Any good mapper's in northern ireland

    Stick to Revo, I used Aidan in Triple7, no regrets unlike the previous botch job in kells, the less said the better on that one.
  13. cordobabrendy

    Seen one yet?

    Two white ones so far tdi's. Very nice road presence but cant love the massive front grill with the S.
  14. cordobabrendy

    Cordy SX front trim around fog?

    Passenger side one here easily resprayed from copper colour.
  15. cordobabrendy

    Cordy SX front trim around fog?

    Foglight trim? what side, I might just have one.
  16. cordobabrendy

    Think I've killed my turbo ?

    My turbo went on the m1, it filled all 6 lanes with white smoke and the **** tailgating me in a white 306 ended up getting more than he bargained when it finally expired and covered his whole front end in oil. The smoke given off was incredible, turo seals were buggered, replaced turbo, cat and...
  17. cordobabrendy

    Advice on Cupra R buying?

    8200 for a car with issues sounds too much to me. id have been expecting 7 or so.
  18. cordobabrendy

    yellow leon with blue wheels

    Pass the bucket lad. I think i'm gonna boke. Yellow only suits bronze, silver or anthracite. Blue would make it look like a toy car all you would need then, is a Noddy horn.
  19. cordobabrendy

    to FMIC or not to FMIC

    Aw come on fellas, put your hands in your pockets and buy a forge kit. The guys have spent a lot of time and money sorting these kits only for some to go and try to bodge a kit with funny flow rates and non tested parts. (I paid a lot more than 550 iirc back when they were just released) I went...
  20. cordobabrendy

    boost gauge

    Guys its cheap gauges that rattle. If you buy a decent autometer dampened gauge, it wont happen.
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