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  1. rllmuk

    One touch window open/close

    Resetting fixed it, thank you all!
  2. rllmuk

    One touch window open/close

    We’ve had numerous Seats in the family over the years and all have worked in the same way. Will check the resetting
  3. rllmuk

    One touch window open/close

    Is this working for all other owners? Not on any windows for me, can’t find a setting...?
  4. rllmuk

    What's on your seats?

    19 plate - Cupra logo
  5. rllmuk

    Aircon and heater doesn't work

    I replaced the heater matrix on my wife's FR this weekend which was showing symptoms of no heat in the cabin, took me around 2 hours with an additional 30 mins getting the top coolant pipe clip back on properly... Total costs £120 of for the matrix and some replacement coolant. Suffice to say...
  6. rllmuk

    Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3's

    I've been running them (on my MK2, if am allowed to say that) and I've had F1s since the GSD3s and these are the best yet. However, massive annoyance is that on the 225/40/18s they have out atm there is no rim protector at all. You have been warned...
  7. rllmuk

    Please tell me exactly what I need!!!!!

    Over the years I've put two RNS510 in my car (B ver 5+ years ago and a new one about 6 months ago), and an RCD510, and had no battery drain issues. My car is an 08 pre/FL I've had since new. The RNS310/315 is a 'lesser' unit allegedly, smaller display etc. but is a newer design than the RNS510...
  8. rllmuk

    Please tell me exactly what I need!!!!!

    A 2008 car shouldn't experience the better drain, was only earlier Canbus variants I believe. This is certainly true for the RNS510, but can't confirm on the 315.
  9. rllmuk

    Sunroof rare?

    Sun roof was a £500 option or so I think; climate was all standard on the FR. I remember contemplating it when ordering mine in 2008 but the only option I wish I'd gone for was the £250 winter pack - idiot!
  10. rllmuk

    Questions for any MK2 Cupra Owner

    All mine has needed in the 8 years I've had it since new (aside from consumables) is a new near side rear hub due to wheel bearing failure, and mechatronics at 40k (but that was under warranty). It's now on just under 100k and has never let me down once. Is part of the reason I still have it, is...
  11. rllmuk

    Who has Whiteline arb and lift kit?

    Can't comment on Whiteline ARB but Nuespeed front and rear ARBs with WALK and B12 Sportline is very very good indeed!
  12. rllmuk

    Handling upgrades advice/dilemma

    I have Bilstein B12 Sportline (B8 shocks + Eibach Sportline springs) on mine, along with Neuspeed front & rear ARB and WALK. I've had the car since new (2008) and ran stock shocks with all the other mods to 85k. The B12 made the car much less crashy, and very smooth. Much more control over harsh...
  13. rllmuk

    Lowering springs vs ride comfort?

    Is this for an LCR?
  14. rllmuk

    HELP needed - What's this noise?

    I can't listen to the sound but have you checked the brake disc dust shields? They rust, come lose, rattle and sound horrendous. Edit: Not sure I mean dust shield lol. stone shield.
  15. rllmuk

    Lowering springs vs ride comfort?

    Sportlines on standard dampers are an improvement. Something like the Bilstein B12 kit is a great option if you want to change dampers too - depends how tired/old they are. Coilovers are overkill if you're not going to track it, better to spend the cash on a decent spring/damper set up than a...
  16. rllmuk

    Consumption Leon FR (2.0 TFSI) 2007

    Oh I should add I've always used Tesco 99, or V Power.
  17. rllmuk

    Consumption Leon FR (2.0 TFSI) 2007

    My long term average on my FR (had since new, now 7 years old and 90k miles) is near enough exactly 27MPG. Gets you circa 300 miles to a tank (by which I mean 51/52 litres, when the light comes on) on mixed driving. My min/max is 240/365 over that time. Remapped or not makes no difference, nor...
  18. rllmuk

    2007 fr tfsi uprated suspension with minimal lowering

    Bilstein B12 - lowers it enough and is usable on all roads/speed bumps etc without clearance issues. Also found it more comfortable that my standard FR suspension. Other kits that do similar are available, you could just get the Eibach springs, but on an 07 springs and shocks are worth doing...
  19. rllmuk

    Suspension talk to me

    B12 kit is excellent - I had Eibach Sportlines on standard shocks for about 5 years and recently refreshed it all round for the B12, massive difference and just the correct ride height for me. Handling is excellent and comfort is increased massively. That may be the effect of new for 80k old...
  20. rllmuk

    Help with MK2 wing mirror cover removal.

    Yep - you don't need to remove anything from the mirror, it just slides off.
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