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  1. S70DGE

    What do we all do for jobs

    car parts advisor unfortunately not for the VW group but another german car maker envious of nathan penney been a stobart driver it was my childhood dream until i got Type 1 Diabetes so that was that dream out of the window been to Truckfest a few times and met some of the stobart drivers i...
  2. S70DGE


    i have a Westfalia vertical detachable fitted to mine cost was around £400 inc fitting but that was a while ago
  3. S70DGE


    ive just checked it would be on backorder from Spain RRP £554.17 +VAT
  4. S70DGE


    oh yes that is my EXEO its a 2009 ST
  5. S70DGE


    its a genuine accessory bumper when the exeo's were first launched they did it as a kit but you can buy the bumper on its own the oe part number is 3R0 071 060 (without headlamp wash) if yours has headlight wash then its 3R0 071 060 A i got them from SEAT about 5 years ago give them a ring and...
  6. S70DGE


    is this the sensor? iten number 16 on below picture?
  7. S70DGE


    absolute rubbish!!! plugs are available seperatley as ive bought them myself i have a good rapport with my SEAT dealer do you want to PM me your reg number and details of where the sensor goes on the car and i will see if i can get you a part number or get the plug from my local dealer?
  8. S70DGE


    if you ring youre local SEAT dealer tell them which sensor it is then they should be able to work out the connecting plug for it
  9. S70DGE

    Exeo 2010 Bluetooth issue

    its the same radio thats it mine you need to press and hold the CD button on the radio until AUX appears on the screen then using a 3.5mm jack lead from your phone/ipod then plug into the AUX next to the handbrake quite a basic system you can only adjust the volume via the car
  10. S70DGE

    What colour is your car?

    EXEO ST in Nayara Blue
  11. S70DGE

    EXEO ST front bumper fog light grille LHS

    these bumpers are not listed on SEAT's etka system as they are part of the accessory bodykit
  12. S70DGE

    Black (exploding) Leon CUPRA R in Halifax

    i heard this go from my house i thought it was a terror attack in town!!!!
  13. S70DGE

    EXEO ST front bumper fog light grille LHS

    yep youre right there like hens teeth just checked with my local SEAT dealer and are showing as no longer available from memory they come as a pair of left and right if it helps the OE part number is 3R0 071 620 as i have the same front bumper on mine
  14. S70DGE

    Quick random question

    possibly if someone has removed the towbar and not coded the car to say it no longer has one when I got mine fitted to the EXEO I had it programmed so the car knows its towing as far as iam aware you need this so it can increase braking etc
  15. S70DGE

    Quick random question

    I don't have a MK1 leon but an EXEO mine does this if iam towing or have something plugged into the towing electrics its to let you know the hazards are working on the trailer/bike rack if you don't have a towbar then iam puzzled
  16. S70DGE

    2019 National Meet - 14th July (booking information and discussion)

    its in limbo at the minute still waiting for the wife to get her shift swapped hopefully I will know this week I hope fingers crossed:sleepy:
  17. S70DGE

    Exeo crossmember bumper support elements

    I have replaced these on mine they are a Rivet nut so you will need to drill the old ones out they are made from a soft alloy so are easy enough to replace you will need a Rivet nut Gun they kind of work the opposite way to a pop rivet I borrowed one from our bodyshop you screw a bolt into the...
  18. S70DGE

    2019 National Meet - 14th July (booking information and discussion)

    hopefully I will be there in an EXEO the only one by the looks of it just waiting for the wife to do a shift swap at work then we will be there as she is the driver!!!
  19. S70DGE

    EXEO questions for a newbie!

    I can help with a couple of Q's I own a 59 ST Sport which has cloth seats the 170's have bigger brakes on the F&R the fronts are 312mm discs not sure on rears I think the wing badge on 170's is all red mines a 143 so has a chrome T Red D & Red I I don't know if anyone has successfully...
  20. S70DGE

    Engine Cut Out

    yep youre right it wont rev over 2500 rpm if youre stationary in neutral its a safety feature that's supposed to be there so that's normal
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