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  1. DC's 8v mk2 Ibiza GTi Cupra Sport *Back on the road!*

    wow and i thought my mk2 was clean... is the car still going? i wish i knew about the 20vt exhaust fitment as i just stuck a straight through pipe on mine and its far too loud!! i wish my interior was as clean as yours and i really like the half leathers. not many of these cars left around now!
  2. South East members list

    mk2 ibiza gti, luton!
  3. any AGG engine wizards about? holla!

    No one? Anyone? Plleeeeaaaasssseeeeee
  4. any AGG engine wizards about? holla!

    whats up guys and gals, basically im looking to get a little more grunt out of my 2.0l 8v and i have a few questions (f.y.i i drive a 1998 cupra gti, and she's a modification virgin) 1. i have a noisey tappet and a leaky rocker cover, while im in there id like to cam it, would it need a remap...
  5. New newbie with an old car!

    thats the same colour as mine! listed as brown on the V5 haha. aah i think its quick enough, besides i eventualy plan to cam/bigger valves/polish and port/bigger injectors and remap it to try get it nearer the 150/160 mark! gonna go hunting for an AGG engine wizard and get some info. but first...
  6. New newbie with an old car!

    Thanks! I appreciate the response, she's going into the body shop Monday to have the rear arches fabricated, welded and sealed! Then when the rots sorted I can get on with the other bits and eventually make her a little more powerful, I know there isn't alot you can do to the AGG engines but I'm...
  7. New newbie with an old car!

    Hey guys, so I recently purchased a 1998 mk2 2.0L 8v gti. Hopefully I can still find all the information I'd like here! She cost me only £400, the rear arches are rotten (but hopefully getting some fabricated come payday) she's never been modified and kept in a garage for the last 13 years! I...
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