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  1. Remap

    Good to know. i'll have a look at this. Thanks
  2. Daily ride:- Leon FR 1.4 Tsi ST

    Looking forward to hearing your update.
  3. Leon Cupra R ST (2019)

    WowWow. Looks absolutely stunning you must be very happy with it.
  4. what has happened to 'The Old Boy'?

    Ihaven't met him but read many of his threads and posts with a keen interest. As others have said best wishes to him.
  5. Remap

    Ah. I had no idea that the engines have some fundamental differences.
  6. Remap

    I don’t know about you but I was hoping for a little bit more power than 151bhp. A 20bhp increase probably isn’t worth the potential hassle imho.
  7. what has happened to 'The Old Boy'?

    That’s a shame.
  8. Remap

    I'd certainly be interested to hear on this as well. Thanks.
  9. what has happened to 'The Old Boy'?

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum. I followed his build closely although have been off this forum for a few months and now cant seem to find it.
  10. 1.5TSI EVO Tuning

    Same here £469 for a box is a bit more than i'd be comfortable paying. Guess i'll have to learn to enjoy it for what it is. Thanks for the input.
  11. 1.5TSI EVO Tuning

    Thanks for this advice BigJase88. Its a shame but i suppose i will have to leave it. Out of interest how do the 2 engines differ? i'd have assumed it was just the ECU?
  12. 1.5TSI EVO Tuning

    My car is a lease car and is the 130ps model rather than the 150ps. i am not expecting to turn it into a performance car but feel that with around another 30ps or so it would be a nicer car for daily use. Ideally i'd like some form of OBD solution that can easily be added and removed, think...
  13. Which engine 1.4 or 1.5

    I’ve got same car engine and transmission combination and my experience couldn’t be more different. No snatching or kangarooing and I’m averaging well over 50mpg overall. You may need to get yours looked at.
  14. 2016 FR. Will it have adaptive cruise?

    Cheers. Thanks.
  15. 2016 FR. Will it have adaptive cruise?

    As per title I’ve just bought a 2016/66 (registered end of Nov 16) FR 184 TDI and pick it up Thursday. It’s got a couple of nice extras pan roof, black pack (roof,mirrors and wheels) and I am wondering as to whether it will have adaptive cruise control. Can anyone help?
  16. FR Sport 115ps

    Another reason then for me not to go back to Android. My iPhone works with CarPlay on any/every vehicle I’ve tried it with. It just works.
  17. A LEON FR tdi or the equivalent A3??

    The Octavia really is a bit bigger than i need added to the fact that I am not that keen on it’s shape. I feel that the current Leon is the best looking of the MQB cars(well maybe the RS3 or TTRS although both are out of my budget)
  18. A LEON FR tdi or the equivalent A3??

    Thanks for the replies. I have test driven a few cars this week and today. A3’s best feature is definitely its interior 2-3 steps up from the Leon. However I prefer everything else about the Leon! Considering it’s on the same floorpan it’s body control is far better and infact it is dynamically...
  19. A LEON FR tdi or the equivalent A3??

    Just to add the current Golf R and it’s replacement will have a dsg gearbox.
  20. A LEON FR tdi or the equivalent A3??

    I’m not sure as to whether I am asking in the right place for an unbiased answer but here goes..... I’ve pretty well always had VAG cars my loyalty is to VAG rather than to any of the individual brands and I’ve had VW’s,Audi’s,SEAT’s and Skoda’s infact numerous of each. I’ve currently got a...
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