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  1. andyb

    Surprise BTCC debut for with support from

    Great news. All the best Hannah and YRC ...reminds me, I must update the BTCC Spotters Guide (will be after this round I'm afraid)
  2. andyb

    The Car Wrap pics!!

    who is going to do a full satin black car. this GTR is stickered up....
  3. andyb

    Arosa 1.4 16v Sport - My Trackday Project - '09 End of Season Report from Page 29

    Article on Ian's ring-machine on Speedhunters. Thanks to ian for sorting out the pics and helping with the article. Much appreciated
  4. andyb

    Best Readers Ride? Get on Speedhunters

    got a link to rick's leon. Cant find it. Drive Forward's Arosa will be on Speedhunters next week.
  5. andyb

    Stunning SEAT Ibiza Bocanegra is ready for the road

    I really like it, and I have said that about an Ibiza in 2 generations... However, look at the CG renders (looks like they were done in Hypershot) from the original press release. The Blackpanel is almost Satin in appearance. Now look at the motoshow images and the black panel is the high...
  6. andyb

    World debut from SEAT this week...

    we did a similar story with the Golf GTi last year, so that would be good and a good intro to North American readers who dont know who SEAT are :) I should dig up that old History of SEAT article I did years ago :)
  7. andyb

    World debut from SEAT this week...

    cool, some SEAT content to put up on if its exciting as its VW Group Month. Hopefully showcasing a couple of SCN cars there's me thinking SEAT might follow the Exeo/A4 with a SEAT version of the R8 :cartman:
  8. andyb

    Best Readers Ride? Get on Speedhunters

    cool, thanks guys :D
  9. andyb

    Best Readers Ride? Get on Speedhunters

    As you guys may know, I help out with and I plan on a few SEAT related posts during May. I'm looking to feature 1 or 2 Feature Cars. I have a couple of cars in mind, but I'd like to know your please feel free to a) if you want to get your ride shown on a...
  10. andyb

    Brands Hatch - South Bank Parking

    BTCC Spotters Guide is available on the main site btw! Will be updated after Brands with Plato, Leason and updated Shedden (yellow flames) liveries
  11. andyb

    2009 season launch Brands Hatch Ford Focus

    hello guys :)
  12. andyb

    Liam McMillan runs in BTCC 2009

    all it needs is a nice white and black SCN sticker to compliment it :):whistle:
  13. andyb

    Feedback - SEAT Leon Supercopa UK need your help!

    Z- If those guys need blank side views, get them to contact me, no problem giving them to such a good cause. Hope the championship works out and goes from strength to strength
  14. andyb

    New SEAT world premier at paris motorshow

    ..and lights and lower grille. Took me all of 6 minutes. I wonder how long it took SEAT?
  15. andyb

    New SEAT world premier at paris motorshow

    like so LOL!
  16. andyb

    New SEAT world premier at paris motorshow

    seeing that, it would be easy for SEAT to use 06,07 Audi A4 in next years DTM championship LOL
  17. andyb

    New SEAT world premier at paris motorshow

    I get to spend a portion of my day reading press releases now and these must be the most dismal Photoshopped images I've ever seen from a manufacture. Appalling. Have SEAT Marketing already given up on it. Sorry, but its a bit poor isn't it. They havent even tried to disguise its an Audi A4...
  18. andyb

    Brands Hatch, BTCC Finals Day - Sun Sept 21st 2008

    Nice of SEAT UK to mention in their press release. Thanks Scott, Paul ;) if you havent been on the main site tonight, you will see we have released a commemoirative BTCC Wallpaper Download and enjoy...
  19. andyb

    SEAT Sport UK call time on the BTCC

    it wouldnt surprise me if there are more Indie Leon's next year in the BTCC. However, its a sad end. They came, the saw, they took part and they are finally starting to conquer. Problem with SEAT for me, is, its the motor racing which helps make it a sporty brand. Too many models...
  20. andyb

    leon tdi btcc edtion project

    Looks good, but no idea why people (including SEAT) call it a BTCC edition. Its a totally different look. The stock car is closer than the aero kit. Still, looking good
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