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  1. cupra_matt

    My old car ( GX51 LLP ) Ovni yellow GT2871R cupra

    Hi all. It's a long long time since I've been on here but I was wondering if anyone knew what happen to my old cupra. I HPI'd it the other day to find it was stolen on 30.12.2009 and a insurance claim was made in LEICESTERSHIRE. Was it ever found? Many thanks Matt.
  2. cupra_matt

    DaNnY_LaD's IHI'd Cupra ( End Of a Eara 08/11/2009)

    As far as the oil in coolant goes, i think it will be the oil cooler leaking. Quite common, especially if there are no other problems with the engine. As far as your engine build goes, give me a shout regarding torque settings, procedures and part numbers as i have Elsa and Etka on my...
  3. cupra_matt

    differential bearings 02m box

    Not sure about where else you can get them, but here is the part number. 002 517 185A you will need 2 of them, these include the races. Around £ 20 each Remember you will need a selection of shims aswell. Matt
  4. cupra_matt

    need a small Y shaped part?

    Part number from Seat is 056 129 971. Matt
  5. cupra_matt

    have i broke my turbo too ?

    With the correct workshop equipment they can be done without removing the head. But most dont have this equipment, so cylinder head removal will probably be required.
  6. cupra_matt

    gt28 ibiza cops a valve/piston

    No pictures of it Bill, just what he said to me via email, one half of the collets was in 2 pieces. More likely to be a retainer though? or spring?
  7. cupra_matt

    gt28 ibiza cops a valve/piston

    Yeah my old car. Valves are supertech, jamie says a collet has split in half. I thought over rev too. He is rebuilding it with New JE pistons, new valves, double springs and Ti retainers. So should be good for mega revs. I never ever revved it above 7.5 K
  8. cupra_matt

    Unknown Cable...?

    This a cupra R or cupra? Looks like it could be oil temp or pressure switch wire.
  9. cupra_matt

    diagram for vacuum lines?

    1 - Breather pipe q From gravity valve on fuel tank 2 - Activated charcoal filter q With solenoid valve 1 for activated charcoal filter -N80- 3 - Turbocharger 4 - Pressure unit q For charge pressure control valve 5 - Non-return valve q For activated charcoal...
  10. cupra_matt

    Can anyone identify these part numbers

    N90801101 LOCKING PIN N01152318 WASHER N10117403 BOLT HEX SOCKET 6N0609657A BRACKET - bracket to hold handbrake cable on MK3 with drum brakes N90484003 SCREW HEX HEAD 171823395 RETAINER - rubber mounting for bonnet stay 1HM121267 BRACKET - Goes on top of radiator on left (...
  11. cupra_matt

    BAM Injectors - Hybrid K03

    Not sure mate, they are high impedence ( 12 ohms ) if that helps?
  12. cupra_matt

    any way of checking map on VAGCOM?

    Only by reading boost pressure through measured blocks can you tell if its remapped.
  13. cupra_matt

    BAM Injectors - Hybrid K03

    The part number 06A 906 031BC is the correct number for BAM / AMK injectors.
  14. cupra_matt

    Price of a new manifold?

    What year and engine code is your car, i will get you the part number.
  15. cupra_matt

    Cupra gone.....upgraded myself to summing else ;)

    Glad you like mate. I love that car.
  16. cupra_matt

    MK3 Cupra Part Numbers

    6k0 807 221r gru
  17. cupra_matt

    MK3 Cupra Part Numbers

    Upper belt cover 06a 109 108 h
  18. cupra_matt

    Porsche Brembo with Heat Shield issue

    You will need to remove the Sheild to fit the Ibiza 305mm disc.
  19. cupra_matt

    MK3 Cupra Part Numbers

    If you guys have a request PM me, i will do my best to get back to you asap. I have full access to Audi,VW,seat,Skoda numbers 24 hours a day. Try and include full model and engine code or trim colour where appropriate. Please be patient though. Thanks
  20. cupra_matt

    MK3 Cupra Part Numbers

    6k6 807 441d gru £5.08+vat
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