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  1. Wilkesy

    FR 150 remap?

    there is a guy that travels around and does plug and plays and claims to be a customer mapper which I have been looking at for a while, great facebook reviews ect... and been in the game a while for £200, just again the stories put me off and the gain for a 1.4 150 is only upto 170/180bhp...
  2. Wilkesy

    FR 150 remap?

    Same situation for me, not had my leon a year yet and still a few bits to do like alloys, splitter ect... then hopefully a remap. I previously had an ibiza FR 105 bhp and wanted a remap and ended up getting a new car haha, my current Leon1.4 150. live in sheffield and struggling to find someone...
  3. Wilkesy

    Navigation System Updates

    still got that file and read blank on my Mrs's macbook, so going to replace the overall.nds file on my macbook put everything on to her laptop then drag and drop on to the SD card that and hopefully work. Even wiping the SD from scratch should be fine? just as long as I have my overall.nds file...
  4. Wilkesy

    Decent Tar remover (better than AutoFinesse)

    Currently Auto Finesse's and it doesnt do much especially on the thicker parts. Which do you use without an issue. I have to get my nail behind it sometimes. Seeing a few reviews on youtube shows people using a a few sprays without much force and the stuff comes off. cheers.
  5. Wilkesy

    Front shock absorbers

    In my previous seat had a rear shock replaced and it was £98 including labor
  6. Wilkesy

    Leon rear bumper trim

    Half tempted myself tbh, just make sure it tapped down as flat as possible and straight. I watch Jesse’s YouTube and he did his rear bumper but used tape that let paint underneath it so it looked uneven on the lines. Might just grab some cleaner to bring it back to life for a bit
  7. Wilkesy

    1.4 TSi ACT economy

    same for me, loving the zero traffic longest a tank has lasted me so far. Usually last three weekish, but only lost one bar in two weeks :D
  8. Wilkesy

    Carista App

    Hmm weird unlocking the car the beep works but when locking it doesn’t beep anymore looks like I might need to remove it to add again. Anyone had this problem before ?
  9. Wilkesy

    Carista App

    Ahh it should work then I have pre so not a clue how to get it to work either.
  10. Wilkesy

    Carista App

    Do you have pre or post face lift ?
  11. Wilkesy

    Extended MOT rules due to virus

    Mines due in July so does the 6 months add on to that so have I got until January next year haha???
  12. Wilkesy

    new mk3 leon Fr 184 concerns

    F1s or PS4s? once I have alloys sorted which tires would you recommend
  13. Wilkesy

    new mk3 leon Fr 184 concerns

    Wait until rattles start on and around the dashboard. My 150 has this annoying rattle and haven’t the foggiest what it is and apparently Leon’s are notorious for rattles and loose parts
  14. Wilkesy

    Carista App

    Just the look isn’t it like other things in life, why people prefer things over other things. think a reason so that some sports cars do it so it’s a nice feature to have the in an FR
  15. Wilkesy

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    my dash/car has started to rattle when going over 50mph. I emptied my glove box just in case it was something loose in there so hopefully that cure it? The noise seemed to be coming from the far passenger side around the dash and could get the rattle to happen once the car was stationary. Any...
  16. Wilkesy

    Aux / USB doesn’t work?

    seen a few people post that the USB is only capable of charging unless its the new modle the USB slot is in the middle of the dash board at the bottom for full link connection. If you dot have full link it'll just charge the phone. In my old car I had a USB to AUX because I didn't have bluetooth...
  17. Wilkesy

    Oh the inconvenience!

    Friend of a friends does mine who works for jct600, but works from home on the side. He charges me about £100 for a car respray, dents and it’s double.
  18. Wilkesy

    Tyre advice

    That’s what I said, I thought I was the front but with them been Dunlop tires I’m not sure now
  19. Wilkesy

    Tyre advice

    My front two are Dunlop and back two are yokohama, must be my back two which are crap with my car skidding when setting off in first then, thought it could be front two with been front wheel drive.
  20. Wilkesy

    Problem taking car out of reverse - Leon Fr 1.4 18 plate

    Tbh reverse to 3rd seem hard to put the car in gears and seem jerky, think a few people are having gear issues so I reckon it’s a known problem.
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