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  1. TheSwede

    Service indicator changes mind

    Yes! I have changed the value of days with OBDEleven since I lost some days just before service. The Cupra was sitting to much in the garage in combination with many short runs.
  2. TheSwede

    Service indicator changes mind

    I recognize this behaviour. It’s common if the car is driven for short distances and also isn’t used for short periods, say a week. Then if you take out the car for a long distance tour it could add remaining days and kilometres for service. Don’t worry, this is normal. /Peter
  3. TheSwede


    Great, then I will do the same when I get the GOLF R (with EFB) back to southern Sweden where I live. It's used since two years in northern Sweden with temperatures now and then 10-25 Celsius below zero during winter. Often sitting for a week outside, not the ideal environment for batteries ;)...
  4. TheSwede


    @RUM4MO Tanks! What do you think of filling dest. water to the sealed battery? Have you done that after running recond mode? /Peter
  5. TheSwede


    Very interesting tread! Have a couple of Ctek chargers (mxs 5 and zafir 45) which I use frequently. One Zafir 45 is connected 6 months per year to our winter stored Audi A4 Convertible. Works fine year after year (classic lead battery). EFB and classic lead battery – If I run the RECOND mode...
  6. TheSwede

    Cupra battery question

    You have an EFB battery. It could last rather long time. In the family there is a Golf 7 R which is exactly 6 years old (my sons car). No Start Stopp funktion active. We have never changed battery (EFB), I know since I had first when the car was new. If you are unlucky it will just last 3-4...
  7. TheSwede

    What paint to use for restoring grille plastics?

    Plastic dip is something for temporary use. I don't like it at all.... (sorry Gokiwi64 :)). I use ordinary matt black spray colour, e.g "Auto-K" or something similar. Will last much longer. If it's a black "grill" i would skip primer (often grey) since it's hard to get the paint into all...
  8. TheSwede

    Wing mirror carbon fiber covers Leon MK3

    As an OEM part. Sorry but I don't think they exist. /Peter
  9. TheSwede


    On my cars, Leon mk3 and Golf mk7, I have it always off regarding auto hill hold. No problem, just use the E handbrake when I want, every day exempt when the car is new washed :)! You must use it, otherwise it will be out of function in time I suppose… /Peter
  10. TheSwede

    Which one is the cigarette lighter fuse?

    ....and if you want permanent 12v move fuse 40 one step up, the yellow 20A fuse. See pick below. https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/index.php?threads/permanent-live-cigarette-sockets.317313/#post-6588764
  11. TheSwede

    Which one is the cigarette lighter fuse?

    It should be fuse 40, yellow 20A fuse. /Peter
  12. TheSwede

    Resonator delete

    I have ordered two kits (Cupra R 310 and Golf 7R) from Progressive Parts /Manchester. Top quality! Spot on fitment which saves time when you should install it. I borrowed a double column lift in a workshop when I did the installation. Makes it much easier than using jack and jack stands on the...
  13. TheSwede

    2018 Leon Cupra R

    @HowGudAml My intention is not to interfere in Paddys tread, but I have a Cupra R 2018 therefor I know the offset. It’s ET40 mm as you write and part number is 5F0 071 499 E (checked it on the summer wheels) :). /Peter
  14. TheSwede

    Sump Plug

    Last time I did an oil change I reused the existing one. No problem. I use to have some new plugs "in stock" since we also have 2 VW:s in the family with the EA888 engine (as 1.8 tsi and 2.0 tsi Cupra). Not this time :). /Peter
  15. TheSwede

    Ramair install help

    Order it from nearest VW /Seat dealer. If its VW order it to a Golf R 2014 (same hose as to Cupra 2018) ;). Inexpensive I guess!
  16. TheSwede

    Ramair install help

    I just checked my Golf Alltrack 1.8TSI. Same short hose as yours. Don't no the size. By one for cupra 300/ Cupra R 310 2018.
  17. TheSwede

    Ramair install help

    You need to buy a longer hose. The hose pipe/tap on engine is nearly visible on your pick. An alternative is to add a hose to extend the length. Then you will need a small “pipe”/tap to put into the existing hose. On my Cupra the hose is a bit longer than yours. /Peter
  18. TheSwede

    OBD11 Show fan speed in automatic mode Leon mk3 Face Lift

    Did it again. Enable fan level display on Climatronic Auto Skipped the way of go via Byte 11 and bit 6 (Blower status display in auto mode) No change since it was not possible to save/store change. (Worked on Golf). Tried this one /other way again: 1 - Electronics Module 08- air conditioning...
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