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  1. camelspyyder

    Any known issues to look for on the 1.4 and 1.6TDI

    But it sounds like a concrete mixer... As long as refinement isn't essential the 1.6 TDi is a sound car, but the 1.4 16V is quiet and handles better too with a 100 kg less weight on the front. Our 1.4 averaged 45 mpg on a thirstier daily profile than yours.
  2. camelspyyder

    Is it better to Sync screen to headrest player via HDMI or RCA

    I would do whatever is cheaper and easier. Tiny headset screens - does it matter if the picture is HD or SD? Movies look great on a PSP with only 272 lines or so.
  3. camelspyyder

    EPC Error

    The Turbo Actuator replacement at SEAT dealers is £483 and didn't work on either of mine. Turbo replacement was the second attempt on each. I have no idea how much the new turbos cost.
  4. camelspyyder

    EPC Error

    Not unlucky. Its a quite common occurrence as far as I know. My 1.0TSI did this at 15000 miles when I parked it for 2 months. So did my 1.2 TSI at 26000 miles when I parked it for 4 months. Both times inside guarantee.
  5. camelspyyder

    Temperature gauge

    Or it's on one of the pages on the dash-top Seat Portable System (Garmin) if you have one of those.
  6. camelspyyder

    Lack of acceleration in 2nd

    Just sold one which we had from new. Bottom line is - it's a gutless little motor at low speeds. Keep the revs over 3000 and its not bad at all though.
  7. camelspyyder

    Service interval reset

    Had the same car. Did it with Carista. Their App is free and it has a free trial period on the features you need. All you need in addition is access to a compatible OBDII reader.
  8. camelspyyder

    Toledo MK4 towbar wiring

    Skoda Rapid (same car) towbar forums https://www.briskoda.net/forums/search/?q=towbar&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=224
  9. camelspyyder

    Picking up new Toledo tomorrow!!

    I don't think the missus needs a map and sport suspension for trips to the supermarkets. I should have kept the older Ibiza, but her ladyship (responsible for me buying the 1.0 Toledo in the first place) wouldn't let me sell this one and keep the older car (that we both preferred driving as it...
  10. camelspyyder

    Picking up new Toledo tomorrow!!

    It was fixed quickly enough but lockdown meant I didn't drive it for over 2 weeks. It runs ok now, just like before, (so still with the asthmatic power delivery and crappy handling), but at least her indoors can get to the supermarket now (and she doesn't care how it drives)
  11. camelspyyder

    Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI 2015 Turbo Actuator Fault

    It's not the 1.4 twincharger ( which deserves a book by itself apparently ) but the chain 1.2 had a bad rep pre 2012 for chain issues and turbo and actuator issues. The last recall was 2012 and cars built since are supposed to be OK. But, my 2014 had the turbo replaced at only 26k Re the 1.4...
  12. camelspyyder

    Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI 2015 Turbo Actuator Fault

    There are multiple engines labelled 1.2TSI and indeed for some VAG vehicles 2015 marks the transition between the 8V chain cam one and the 16V belt cam one. The turbo location is different on the two. I suspect this is why you have 2 options for the actuator.
  13. camelspyyder

    Seat Ibiza 1.2 TSI 2015 Turbo Actuator Fault

    I' ve had this on a 1.2 and 1.0. both under guarantee. Neither was fixed by the actuator change (£483.40 on the 1.0 by the way) so both had new turbos HOWEVER. On a variety of of VAG forums, people note that a poor battery can give rise to these symptoms, and a fully charged or new battery is...
  14. camelspyyder

    FR Entertainment System

    The Bluetooth on our pre-facelift '15 Ibiza's Garmin was fine for phone use ( 2 phones can be paired to it I think), but if bluetooth music isn't satisfactory, it also has a MIcroSD slot which is what we used with 32 or 64GB cards.
  15. camelspyyder

    1.5 tsi 150 UK ?

    It was. Now it's not. Buy a 2017/18 one.
  16. camelspyyder

    Picking up new Toledo tomorrow!!

    Car drives fine but leaks oil. Back it goes.
  17. camelspyyder

    EPC - Limp mode

    Turbo actuator change under guarantee (phew! £483) Didn't fix it :( Turbo change under guarantee. (£££) Car runs, no warning lights. Hooray. Although it may have a new oil leak? Many VAG forums think a duff battery is the root cause of this EPC etc fault. In which case why don't the...
  18. camelspyyder

    Picking up new Toledo tomorrow!!

    Just like the 1.2, the activator change has not cured it. New turbo going in this afternoon. On other VAG fan sites, many believe a flattish or old battery can cause these symptoms, and a new battery fixes it for about £140. I dread to imagine the total bill doing it the dealer way if it...
  19. camelspyyder

    Picking up new Toledo tomorrow!!

    I've not heard of many 1.0 doing this but the chain drive 1.2 was fairly notorious for turbo trouble as well as the widespread chain issues. The 1.0 symptoms are EPC and engine management lights,with lack of power and a P003A code. The 1.2 limp mode was with a P334B code.
  20. camelspyyder

    Picking up new Toledo tomorrow!!

    £483.40 if outside guarantee. and on the 1.2 it went straight back into limp mode 60 miles later :(
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