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  1. john_tdi


    I've just put that file on my garmin. It just sticks on the seat logo then reboots. I've the latest software on it. 7.16.9
  2. john_tdi

    Audi S3 Coolant and Battery Covers

    need a s3 bigger washer bottle and there is a different frame that sits around the battery i didnt fit the s3 bottle, i just cut the cover. I did fit the battery frame, as you need it.
  3. john_tdi

    NewSouth power gasket LC 180

    I'm using the NewSouth gasket. Its half as thick as the one above. Does it do anything? Well god knows, but its well made and works well as a gasket !
  4. john_tdi

    Anyone else stage 2?

    They do good work at gotboost if distance is an issue. AMD's dyno from what I've seen/heard reads very happy if you ask me.
  5. john_tdi

    s3 front shocks in lcr.

    they fit. tt s3 lcr and octavia vrs are all the same design. However they have different damping rates. I believe the lcr is slightly softer than the others. I'm using s3 fronts on my octavia vrs and they are great.
  6. john_tdi

    MrJoosh's Mk1 Leon Cupra TDI

    Yip. However few things look different on it now. I put a honda civic aerial on it. It looks like it has a fabia rear wiper now. I put a smaller mk5 golf one on. Also I had the front S badge painted the same as the wheels/mirror caps. I didnt put that pipercross filter on it. It had a much...
  7. john_tdi

    MrJoosh's Mk1 Leon Cupra TDI

    my old car. Few things have changed since I've had it.
  8. john_tdi

    tdi catback on lc180?

    The tdi and petrols are the same bore oem. The difference being the petrol is silenced and the tdi is not on the centre section. Hence why some people fit the tdi centre section on petrols when they don't want to splash out on a new ss system.
  9. john_tdi

    tdi catback on lc180?

    it will fit. the auq and arl tdi engines share the same part numbers for most aftermarket exhausts. and when people fit the oem straight through pipe to a oem auq system, its actually off the tdi.
  10. john_tdi

    SFS Oversized TIP

    if you go direct to sfs you get a discount for being a forum member. Wing them an email and they will give you a code.
  11. john_tdi

    mufflerectomy help?

    it came in this year. A missing dpf or cat is mot failure now. however its only a visual check. either have a nice mot guy, or fit a fake cat/dpf.
  12. john_tdi

    150 TDI rear brake upgrade.

    black diamond, ferodo ds. I'm not a fan of ebc. I'm using brembo hp2000 sport pads and can't fault them, but they arent cheap. I guess the black diamond at 40 quid is more the entry one and works good.
  13. john_tdi

    150 TDI rear brake upgrade.

    most 150 tdis only have 288 fronts. so 256 at the back might not be a great idea? If you dont want to go nuts, just get a good plain oem style disc and put some uprated pads with them.
  14. john_tdi

    Audi 80 Top Strut Mounts

    Yeah 5 TO 10mm :) I don't really understand why you want them tbh. Yes they will fit but why? People only use them on lowered cars to get that tiny bit more. If you want a better stock item, then buy a lcr one.
  15. john_tdi

    Audi 80 Top Strut Mounts

    they are fitted like polo bushes or the polybush uprated bush. all of which are used to lower the car 5-10m
  16. john_tdi

    Jetex Induction Kit/Cone Filter.

    the jetex and honda s2000 filters both give good results and don't reduce power.
  17. john_tdi

    eurojet intercooler

    I'm aware of the welly cooler option, but by the time you get the pipes and map sensor sorted it soon mounts up. For the extra expense I rather a better fit , less joins, and a new crash bar that goes with the cooler. The eurojet seems to get good reviews in the states. Has anyone had...
  18. john_tdi

    eurojet intercooler

    price seems good. Trouble is, do I fit a race or street version? I'm sticking to a ko3s. Doubt I'll upgrade the turbo. any ideas? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261256132444 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251312662468 thanks
  19. john_tdi

    2004 Leon Cupra Brake Upgrade?

    Agreed. I rate the brembo sport hp 2000 pads, and they are only 80 quid
  20. john_tdi

    2004 Leon Cupra Brake Upgrade?

    Cool then u have 312mm , which most tts have
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