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  1. karizma_fas

    What to choose

    I dont think its 'bad' I just think their is a lot of people on here who take theirselves a bit too serious. I could easily 'afford' a Cupra never mind an FR, but I couldn't justify the extra expence of buying it, consumption and insurance etc. Plus I thought the FR suspension was a bit too...
  2. karizma_fas

    What to choose

    Totally agree with the above statement. Iv jst joint the mk2 section as coming from the mk1 and never realised the snobbery. Sent from my Nexus One
  3. karizma_fas

    What to choose

  4. karizma_fas

    What to choose

    Same seats jst the FR has the FR logo on the seats. I went for the ref sport tdi with Aero kit instead of an FR. Dnt regret it 1 bit. Cheaper insurance and IMO looks way better than a standard FR. Insides arnt exactly too dissimilar tbh. Sent from my Nexus One
  5. karizma_fas

    Cupra tyres, whats recommended & whats not

    I'd go for the Goodyears or the vredstein's mate. Both are great all round tyres.
  6. karizma_fas

    Cupra tyres, whats recommended & whats not

    Hi, Its between the Goodyear Asymmetric's and the Vredestein Sessanta's for me. Personally i think im gonna go for the Vredestein's. Look the nuts, really good reviews, good in wet and dry and for 225/40/18's there £100 delivered which are around a tenner cheaper than the Goodyear's. Have a...
  7. karizma_fas

    Loving it - the Mk2!

    Hi all, Having had a Mk3 1.4 Ibiza .cool, a Mk1 Leon Cupra R and a Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI. I decided I needed a change. So I went for a 2007 Mk2 Leon Reference Sport 140 with the BTCC kit (Aero). All I wanna say is wow what a car. Its in excellent condition and compared to my last cars this...
  8. karizma_fas

    EGR removal

    Think with the older models its not a proble, but with mine (Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI) mines has come on and stayed on. Been told they can be mapped out, thats next on the list.
  9. karizma_fas

    Ibiza Cupra Tdi problem

    EGR Valve could need cleaning/replacing. Thats what happened to mine. I jst cleaned mine then blanked it. 4 bolts if I can remember but a massive paing to get them out!
  10. karizma_fas

    60k/6 yr Service Excluding Cambelt

    what do I need to order and I am guessing i'll just order it from Seremotors then? I just wanted the stamp to be honest but if it's not worth it just for that then I may just do it myself.
  11. karizma_fas

    60k/6 yr Service Excluding Cambelt

    Hi all, My Ibiza Cupra TDI is approaching it's 60,000 mile / 6 Year service soon and wondering the exact parts I need to do it and what it involves? I have had my cambelt and waterpump with tensioner done around 5,000 miles ago so don't need to include that in the service :D I was going...
  12. karizma_fas

    Viewing MPG

    It is possibly the worst thing you can have (IMO) Ever since I got it in my LCR I didn't take my eyes off it, especially when it read 14.9 :cry: Always trying to get it as high (or low :cartman:) as I could Since I'v got my Ibiza Cupra TDI, well :p
  13. karizma_fas

    lcr/lc/ tdi wishbone bushes

    I don't know if the TT ones will fit a LC but I put them on my LCR and they were great. Went with the TT ones because I wanted 'in between' the standard LCR and uprated powerflex ones.
  14. karizma_fas

    how many ibiza cupra mk4's

    Just seen a silver Mk4 Cupra on the A8 near greenock. Apart from that and mine, iv never seen one :D
  15. karizma_fas

    any information on how to clean egr valves

    WOW is it gold plated :wtf: You need to take it off and clean it mate. Garage will only be saying you need to replace it to charge more. If you take it off, give it a real good clean, then put it back on (I used some Redex (or millers) additive engine cleaner aswell), run it for a bit then...
  16. karizma_fas

    Cupra Petrol MPG?? And be Honest

    Wasn't an Ibiza but I had a LCR and I got around 30-32mpg, but that was mainly motorway and 60 roads. Depends how many miles u do tbh. If its more than say 250 a week i'd go 4 the diesel, but if not, go 4 the petrol. Ive got a diesel Ibiza Cupra now and loving the consuption! :D
  17. karizma_fas

    Debadging the letters - opinions?

    as said before, I used ordinary dental floss to remove mine. Moving i back and forth and came off no problem at all. Really easy to do :D
  18. karizma_fas

    Inlet manifold and egr removal!

    Think the EML is a hit or a miss. Sometimes will come on others it won't. Don't know for sure but think that's rite. May have 2 get it mapped out.
  19. karizma_fas

    Inlet manifold and egr removal!

    Dnt know bout the manifold, but the EGR is easy to remove, however the bolts are in the most awkward of places. Use a blanking plate (piece of metal cut to suit will do) and 'blank it' between the EGR and the pipe connecting on the underside of the EGR.
  20. karizma_fas

    How much is my car worth?

    Lol dito on that :lol:
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