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  1. SteveGSXR600K1

    Front parking sensors

    I want to get this done, but there's quite a lot to do. Have a look at https://www.seatcupra.net/forums/threads/retrofit-front-parking-sensors-park-pilot-mk3-leon.456260/
  2. SteveGSXR600K1

    Cambelt Replacement - Leon 184 FR 2.0L

    Earlier this year, a friend of mine got quotes from independent VAG specialists for cambelt and waterpump and they weren't that far off the SEAT dealer price. The SEAT dealer price was a no brainer in the end because of the 5 year warranty. It's definitively recommended to replace them every 5...
  3. SteveGSXR600K1

    TDi 184, P2102, P3243 throttle fuse location please

    Download all these PDF's https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1M4ofxxMgsFjE7hNWg6l4KuifelmdMUu0?usp=sharing There's everything you'll ever need in there, so should be some wiring/fuse diagrams!
  4. SteveGSXR600K1

    Facelift proximity sensor.

    Just watched the Car Wow review of the new Leon. Not impressed, so hopefully it will keep the MK3 values up!
  5. SteveGSXR600K1

    Seat Leon St 184

    You must be close to me in Thetford! I'll ask a friend as he's wanting a TRC splitter.
  6. SteveGSXR600K1

    Can I turn off the fake engine noise on the FR

    This reminds me of the Ibiza FR I had as a courtesy car last year, which had two fake chrome plastic exhaust outlets on the rear bumper. Not sure if the new Leon is the same, but it certainly looks like it.
  7. SteveGSXR600K1

    Can I turn off the fake engine noise on the FR

    My 2016 184FR doesn't have it. Never heard one before, and I'm curious as to what they sound like!
  8. SteveGSXR600K1

    4300k to 6000k?

    The LED's cannot be upgraded. To be honest, they look fine to me in the photo. As long as they look of equal brightness and colour, I'd say they're fine and any you're seeing is age related.
  9. SteveGSXR600K1

    Eco Mode, Fuel Additives and Start Stop Opinions.

    Stop/Start was introduced, apparently, to reduce CO2 pollution. Even though the car isn't using fuel when the engine's off, it uses more to start up again, therefore less economic. Only worth using if you're in a bad traffic jam.
  10. SteveGSXR600K1

    Infotainment not working

    Does the screen in the middle of the dials say 'Infotainment powered off'? I'd get an OBD scanner and check for errors first.
  11. SteveGSXR600K1

    4300k to 6000k?

    Might be a good idea to take a photo of the headlight so it's clear what type of headlight you've got. If it's all LED, as it should be with the Tech pack, then you're stuck with what you've got. If you've got the poor man's halogen headlights, then you might be able to change something.
  12. SteveGSXR600K1

    2017 Rear bumper black plastic insert

    If yours is a 5-door and even better Monsoon grey: https://forums.seatcupra.net/index.php?threads/monsoon-grey-painted-rear-bumper-insert-facelift-5-door-fr-cupra.460640/
  13. SteveGSXR600K1

    Navi system plus

    There's a guy on the Facebook 'MK3 Leon Owners Club' called Kieran Walkington who also has a page called 'East Yorkshire retrofit solutions'. I'd contact him as he may be able to get you a Plus unit and he can do all the unlocking of it to allow you to use it in your car. As he sells newer...
  14. SteveGSXR600K1

    2016 LEON RUST

    Take it to your nearest SEAT dealer and let them have a look. Quote from their website 'From the date of registration of your SEAT, you'll receive a three-year paintwork warranty, plus your SEAT will be covered for a 12-year period, against perforation from rust.' They'll be able to tell you...
  15. SteveGSXR600K1

    Servicing - Oil grades

    Thanks all for your replies. I didn't want an unopened 4ltr Castrol Edge Titanium 05w30 LL to go to waste!!
  16. SteveGSXR600K1

    Servicing - Oil grades

    I took my Leon 184FR TDi to the local SEAT dealer for it 3rd LongLife service. I mentioned to the them not to forget about the free breakdown cover. I've mentioned this every year an assumed all was ok. Yesterday I was told you don't get the free breakdown cover with LongLife services. As I do...
  17. SteveGSXR600K1

    Diesel sounds & exhausts.

    The only noise you'll hear is a MOT tester saying 'Sorry, it's failed'.
  18. SteveGSXR600K1

    Leon MK3.5 space saver wheel question

    Your tyre sizes are correct with 225 40 18 on the car and 125 70 18 on the spacesaver. These are the sizes I have on my Leon.
  19. SteveGSXR600K1

    Cracked Instrument Cluster

    There's a chap on the MK3 Leon page on Facebook called Kieran Walkington who's selling his instrument cluster from his Cupra. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  20. SteveGSXR600K1


    £200-£300 isn't far off. My SEAT extended warranty (Leon 184FR) for year 4 was £365 for all component cover, 15,000 miles and £0 excess. Not sure what to do with year 5 as it's just come through at £374 at the same level of cover, which I was surprised at.
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