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  1. Tyler Owen

    cupra r tips and tricks

    VAG COM ... will save you a fortune.
  2. Tyler Owen

    AUDI R8 Oil Cap

    I had one of these too ... pissed up ebay purchase !! Looked good though
  3. Tyler Owen

    Cupra Misfire and Down on power

    Fair do's but would have thought that a dodgy coil pack would have given me a permant DTC ?
  4. Tyler Owen

    Fitting HID's - Is removing the bumper totally Necessary??

    Yeah a piece of piss to install really it'll take you longest to try and hide the ballasts away somewhere. You will need a 20 or 25 mm, can't remember exactly which i think it is 25mm hole saw in order to fit the bulbs through the back of the light lens but of you haven't got one you go drill a...
  5. Tyler Owen

    Cupra Misfire and Down on power

    Howdy folks Got a issue with my Cupra MY 03 AUG engined . Revo Stage 2 map also Basically at between 3000 - 3500 rpm on light throttle, intermittantly tends to be more so even if you have been cruising along and then go to accelerate, there is a a missfire and the unburnt fuel pops in...
  6. Tyler Owen

    What is this fallen out from under the car?

    as requested this is for the Cupra but essentially the same thing bar a rebadging lol
  7. Tyler Owen

    Best Exhaust to buy

    I fit alot of performance exhausts ... it's part of my job the quality of Miltek systems can't be beaten without getting a decent custom exhaust made!! They way the fit and the even the mundain things like the exhaust clamps are good quality which is an area where some other manufactuerers...
  8. Tyler Owen

    Cupra won't Rev passed 3250 rpm

    that fixed it **** knows how or why that happened !! :shrug:
  9. Tyler Owen

    Cupra won't Rev passed 3250 rpm

    I'll try anything at this point what are the settings i need on the SPS3 to take it back to performance mode, sorry haven't got the distructions with me at work ! cheers
  10. Tyler Owen

    Cupra won't Rev passed 3250 rpm

    anyone encountered this before ? My Cupra is mapped with Revo stage 2 Basically it won't rev passed 3250 rpm, idles fine and will rev freely to that point no missfires nothing everything is fine untill then where it just won't rev any more and the revs bounce up and down like they would...
  11. Tyler Owen

    what mpg does a 1.8t return with mixed driving

    I've got a mapped Cupra saw 41 to the gallon on the computer on a 80 mile trip along the motorway keep it below 3k rpm for best economy starts getting thirsty above that was boring though on a normal motorways run at 3.5k rpm i get about 33 - 36 mpg depending on the distance. Used to have a 15...
  12. Tyler Owen

    VW Golf Mk4 wiper arms

    I have them on a Cupra ! Are they windscreens different? I do have to lop off abit off the N/S blade though as it hits the edge of the screen.
  13. Tyler Owen

    Leon Cupra with New Wheels

    They are replica's can't complain for 100 notes with tyres mind !! I have thought about dropping it abit but the ride is pretty harsh with the new 18"s on
  14. Tyler Owen

    Leon Cupra with New Wheels

    Before After Fronts Rears Think they are big improvement over the my old wheels, bought them from a fellow member Foxy, Cheers mate :D
  15. Tyler Owen

    Forum maintenance upgrade - 02/09/08

    Top Job much much much better !! :D
  16. Tyler Owen

    break calipers

    Silver !! unless you've got nice big brakes every other colour looks abit tacky imo
  17. Tyler Owen

    looking for an exhaust system with oval style tail pipe

    To be honest this was on the car when i bought it so couldn't tell you As for the noise it's at its loudest between 3-4k on full throttle otherwise it's pretty quiet, cruising on the motorways at 70> speeds isn't an issue like as it just makes a nice bwaarp between 3 - 4k when you duff your...
  18. Tyler Owen

    looking for an exhaust system with oval style tail pipe

    I have the above Supersprint system on my Cupra !! here's a close up
  19. Tyler Owen

    Seat Dealer Revo Remap

    My revo map is really smooth i've even got the dyno graphs to prove it ! i think the all or nothing myth is spread around by people reading and then re repeating on forums. I've had car on rollers at Paramount Performance in Slough, where they do thier own live custom remaps and they were...
  20. Tyler Owen

    Seat Dealer Revo Remap

    I'm running revo stage 2 map plenty of power no smoke, but that is a dirty derv trait anyway !! If you've got a standard car then a generic revo map will be fine imo but if you've got other mods then a custom remap will bring out to thier full potential Never heard of dealers doing remaps...
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