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  1. aaaa_kk

    Mk3 Cupra lowering springs for dcc

    Hi mate I’m running the Vogtland 45mm springs from Demon tweeks. Works well with the DCC there’s a big difference between comfort and Cupra. And the best thing is the ride is hardly affected it’s almost like stock! The rear drops straight away but the front takes a while to settle and drop.
  2. aaaa_kk

    Lane assist after lowering

    Hi guys, has anyone with lane assist/traffic sign recognition and ACC had problems after lowering? My ACC seems to be alright, but the lane assist keeps popping up that it’s unavailable, and it doesn’t seem to find road signs to put on the dash anymore. Haven’t scanned with obdeleven yet but...
  3. aaaa_kk

    Stage 1 Front Wheels

    In the dry I have pretty good 2nd gear traction at stage 2 power (390-400bhp). I’ve gone WOT a couple of times and had no spin with the traction control fully off. I do have a lower torque insert, and 245 PS4S tyres on the front though as well as all the diff settings turned up with obdeleven...
  4. aaaa_kk

    2018 Leon Cupra R

    Wow! Looks stunning [emoji7]
  5. aaaa_kk

    R600 Intake

    As soon as you put the r600 in you can see the part that needs to be trimmed, it’s the latch that holds the bonnet stand in. It doesn’t need to be trimmed on the R/GTI because they have gas struts to hold the bonnet
  6. aaaa_kk

    Who did you use to remap your Cupra?

    There’s hundreds of different companies out there. But they all fall into 2 categories you either have companies like APR and Revo that have developed and tested the map and then it’s off the shelf plug and play, or you have companies that will custom make a tune to your requirements. I’m...
  7. aaaa_kk

    OBDeleven modifications

    Yeah mine is a 2015 model so it has the MIB1. Ah that’s annoying! So weird since it works perfectly before and after flashing up the error! Guess I’ll have to just deal with the error coming up every time, or turn it off again. Thanks for that.
  8. aaaa_kk

    OBDeleven modifications

    Hi guys I hope someone can help me. I used my obdeleven ages ago to code a lot of things on my Cupra but the only one that’s having problems is the traffic sign recognition. Every time I drive the car after about 5 mins it comes up ‘dynamic road sign display currently restricted’ even though it...
  9. aaaa_kk

    Auto-upshift delete

    DSG remap! I’ve got the APR dsg software and it’s great it speeds up the shifts, removes the torque limiter from the gearbox, and lets you hit the Rev limiter like a manual!
  10. aaaa_kk


    It may help since you are running 384lbft torque, having the dsg software just makes it much nicer to drive and increases the clamping pressure of the gearbox so is definitely worth doing anyway!
  11. aaaa_kk


    With 245/35 PS4S tyres up front and 034motorsport dogbone insert, Im able to use full throttle in 2nd gear with very little wheel-spin (in the dry of course!) I have to have the traction control off though otherwise it just cuts in. I’m running APR stage 2 with APR DSG software
  12. aaaa_kk

    Crawley Servicing Reccomendations

    Hi, I’m from crawley and I’ve had my services done at QS tuning in Hayward’s Heath purely because my Cupra is tuned and they look after tuned cars very well, TC garage in Copthorne are also very good!
  13. aaaa_kk

    Cupra 2.0TSI engines reliability and impressions?

    The engine of the Cupra is fantastic! I own a 2015 Cupra 280 which is running APR stage 2 so close to 400bhp, and I haven’t had any issues in the 1 and a half years I’ve owned it! As long as you keep to the service schedule and use good fuel (I only use tesco momentum 99) it should just keep...
  14. aaaa_kk

    AK's 2015 Dynamic Grey Cupra 280

    Thanks mate! Yeah would be good to hear your 300 with the res delete too!
  15. aaaa_kk

    AK's 2015 Dynamic Grey Cupra 280

    Nice! They make amazing systems I’m so pleased with mine. It connects to a small valve that’s fitted at the front of the engine which sends boost pressure to the exhaust valve to open it
  16. aaaa_kk

    AK's 2015 Dynamic Grey Cupra 280

    It is dynamic grey, awesome colour really changes when you see it in different lighting. I think the Powervalve exhaust has got to be one of my favourite mods I’ve done, it’s amazing!
  17. aaaa_kk

    AK's 2015 Dynamic Grey Cupra 280

    Haven’t posted any updates in a long time so here’s a big post with lots of pictures! Bcs Powervalve 100cell downpipe and fitting Old downpipe was a pain to get out but got there in the end! Running APR Stage 2 now with the exhaust pop and crackle map thanks to QS tuning. The car picks up...
  18. aaaa_kk

    Post Pic's of Your Mk3 Leon In Here

    Few pictures from last Friday!
  19. aaaa_kk

    APR stage 1 engine and gearbox cupra tune

    I had mine done stage 1 APR and dsg tune last September, and yesterday had stage 2 file put on. I didn’t think there would be that much of a difference between stage 1 and stage 2, I was very wrong [emoji23] The first time I put my foot down after having stage 2 I had to back off its soooo much...
  20. aaaa_kk

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    Had a very busy day today, fitted the BCS Powervalve 100 cell downpipe. Had a lot of fun getting the original cat out, then making everything line up, then re fitting the clamp on the downpipe to the turbo, but eventually got it all on and aligned. The system definitely makes a much deeper sound...
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