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  1. Matt85

    Tyre Choices

    +1 for Event-Tyres. Used them a few times. Specified a timeslot and they came dead on. Driver gave me a ring to let me know when he was on his way to me. I got F1 Asymetrics from them too.
  2. Matt85

    Tyre Choices

    Goodyear Assymetrics for me. Gradually changed from the original P-Zeros 2 at a time. Noticable difference afterwards - better streering, more grip and better ride over bumps.
  3. Matt85

    Rear seat belt mechanism

    Hi, My rear passenger side seat belt has got stuck and won't pull out or retract back. Any ideas? Does the top panel covering the belt come off easily? I've looked and there seems to be two screws in the boot area going into the side of the car (near the boot light) and one screw going...
  4. Matt85

    £90 for 300 miles distance.. is that right?

    Yup, something not right. I do 300 miles a week to work too, and cost about £45-50. I do get really good mpg though according to trip computer, (accuracy?) of around 33 to even 37 at times! :-o My journey is normally pretty constant speed in traffic at about 60ish so I dont get to floor...
  5. Matt85

    how do you spot other leon drivers?

    Don't go thinking that all SCN'ers have fabia wipers. I still don't! :redface: So if you see a completely standard yellow LCR, it could be me! :D
  6. Matt85

    LCR Wiki entry

    Fight! Fight! Fight! :p
  7. Matt85

    LCR Weekly Mileage

    300 miles a week for me, my mpg not too bad though. Normally get around 32/33, and have got it over 36 on a few occassions. Constant flowing traffic at 50/60 means I dont need to use much turbo power!!! :p
  8. Matt85

    Leon Cupra R's

    I wasnt too sure about getting a yellow one before I got it, but it does really suit the car and looks great! The flys like it too! :D Plus its kinda like the 'SEAT colour' with it being on the touring cars.
  9. Matt85

    surely an insurance loophole??

    So true, when I was doing quotes and putting in different job titles, I found that putting that you were a student was the cheapest and saying you were unemployed worked out the most expensive :confused: Was relatively a big percentage difference in price too!
  10. Matt85

    Fabia Rear Wiper, what you need to know

    Nice one!, I need to get round to doing this aswell.
  11. Matt85

    It's the little victories that make it all worthwhile....

    So true! Quite a bit of my journey each day can be in flowing traffic, with not much chance of doing anything about it. But a clear bit of road then just puts a big grin on your face and the power is always at hand if you want it to be.
  12. Matt85

    Leon Cupra R v Leon FR diesel opinions please!

    I had same decision too couple of months back. I'm doing 60 miles a day and wanted an LCR for ages so it actually wasnt too hard a choice. :D Although you aren't gonna get awsome mpg out of it, it really can be reasonable when you want it to be. Many times i have got around 35/36 mpg...
  13. Matt85

    Damn handbrake!

    Ok, in gear from now on then! :D I was just surprised because the drive is only a gentle slop really, and the handbrake was still on fully when i came to reverse it back up the drive. Oh well, lesson learned :D
  14. Matt85

    Damn handbrake!

    Contracting disks, didnt think of that! That would make sense seen as it was on and stationary when i left it and seemingly still on when i went back to it. Anyone had to do a touch up of stone chips on an onvi? Not had a chance to get to dealer yet, presume they'll have it in stock, or just...
  15. Matt85

    Damn handbrake!

    Ye, it works fine, guess i just missed the last important click or something.
  16. Matt85

    What do you guys think of my badges?

    Ditto'd again! (although i havn't got round to my fabia wiper yet either!)
  17. Matt85

    New Cupra

    Ye, same with LCR. Usually people with chavved up fiestas/corsas etc. Dont even bother with them. Funnier if you just go slowler sometimes.
  18. Matt85

    Damn handbrake!

    Parked last night on the drive, WITH the handbrake on as always, and find that it has some how rolled slowly into the garage door! Luckily no serious damage, just what looks like a stone chip on the front of my bumper, but still not pleased! Lucky it didnt go slightly more to the left and scrape...
  19. Matt85

    LCR brakes onto LC

    Dont think LCR brakes fit with 17" wheels. They are too big.
  20. Matt85

    Have you ever wondered why..........

    5 doors ftw! Not that i really use my back doors often, but its nice to know that you can! :D Dont see them making a 3 door mk2 cos they have done the "hidden door handle" thing to make it look like a 3 door already.
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