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  1. BCM

    LCR mpg not that bad !

    Just stumbled across this thread, when I had my LCR, no map, dynatwist and turbo back blueflame I would really struggle to get more than 31 on a motorway drive in regular traffic, you guys that get over 35 must have a tow rope attached to the front of it! Sent from my LT15i using Tapatalk
  2. BCM

    High mileage LCRs

    Christ I sold my 52 over 2 years ago, 130k full Seat service for 2950! Sent from my LT15i using Tapatalk
  3. BCM

    Driving In France

    Just use gaffer or duck tape cut to the right shape, all your doing is stopping light, there will do it just as well and come off 10x easier! Sent from my LT15i using Tapatalk
  4. BCM

    Milltek stolen off car

    I've got a full Standard LCR exhaust sitting if you need one? Some beer money and its yours! Sent from my LT15i using Tapatalk
  5. BCM

    Child Car Seats

    Used the Recaro Young Profi Plus now the Recaro Young Expert Plus, both on IsoFix base and both in the back of the LCR with the standard IsoFix points! Both fit no problems and hold very secure.
  6. BCM

    New exhaust fitted - tdi mufflerectomy

    looks and sounds good to me!
  7. BCM

    my mk1 lcr no brembos why ?

    Post deleted.
  8. BCM

    Softening the ride - LCR

    Seen this tittle and thought - no, surely not! I really don't understand people that buy a car and then start wanting to change something an big as the ride to be softer, did you not test drive the car? Take the pot holes into consideration? Performance mods may not increase resale value...
  9. BCM

    do all 52plate LCR's (210bhp) have Recaro's

    Had my child seat fitted to mine for 2 year without a problem, ISOFIX and Recaro seats both rear facing baby seat and front facing toddler seat! Not a single problem! First stage Second and current. Perfect!
  10. BCM

    Leon R32 AWD...

    I stand corrected, from the way it looked in that picture I would have bet my left (favourite) bollock on it! EDIT: Looks like a 3.2 not VR.
  11. BCM

    Leon R32 AWD...

    Its amazing mate, well over 170 on a GPS speedo.
  12. BCM

    Leon R32 AWD...

    Dont think its a VR engine mate, looks like an Audi engine, the 2.7 I'm sure.
  13. BCM

    Leon R32 AWD...

    The joys, a guy with a bit of enthusiasm! Ok, so you did the 200SX with the RB26, now you want a change. I had a Cupra R and didnt want to go chopping up the floor for this, but a Leon, 1.4 or something thats been blown up or something then go chopping that! And if you want to see cars with the...
  14. BCM

    Hello carbon spoiler!

    You guys using a hair dryer or anything to get that perfect fit? Looks nice!
  15. BCM

    Turbo Rebuilt/Recon

    Ok guys I know I got rid of the LCR but I've got a 120DCi Megane thats just spooled its wee turbo for the last time, its just rattling on any boost and whirs/rattles when its winding down after switching off the engine. Anyway, advice please, who would be best to send this too for fixing, needs...
  16. BCM

    Standard Exhaust Pricing Help

    Thanks mate, gonna chuck it on with a decent enough reserve of 75bucks and see how it goes, could get 50 for the cats alone.
  17. BCM

    wat happens with blue smoke??

    Usually blue smoke means its burning oil, how does the turbo feel? How much oil is it using? 1lt a week? 1lt a Month? Less?
  18. BCM

    Standard Exhaust Pricing Help

    That a joke? Been around long enough to know how that works mate! Was looking for someone with an idea of price. I've had a look on the web for prices but its not a common thing and very difficult to price!
  19. BCM

    Standard Exhaust Pricing Help

    Need some advice on pricing up an exhaust to sell, its the LCR standard one, good condition, done about 70k and removed when car was 5 years old. Cats are good, exhaust has been cut neatly for easy fitting/removal and storage.
  20. BCM

    cupra r 225 colour

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