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  1. 2.0 16v ABF Engine Manual

    I'll see if I can find it on my old laptop and I'll get it up.
  2. Sat nav Seat Leon MK1 Double din Fascia

    I have a full setup going including Sat Nav Unit, arm rest and console between the seats if anyone is interested?
  3. Clutch check

    I've done 18-20K on a Sachs with new DMF and Slave with an APR Stage1 Remap and it still feels new. I'll echo previous comments on you may as well get the whole lot done at once, one labour charge.
  4. Miltek Non res centre

    Well after a 1200 mile round trip to the South of France I can say at a ton with the car loaded it is too loud for my liking really (must be getting old) so the offer stands anyone out there want to trade +cash a Milly res centre section for non res centre section? If anyone is thinking of...
  5. Miltek Non res centre

    Not yet, the Mrs has driven it onto the drive and it doesn't sound like it's leaking but will stick my head under when it's warmed up.
  6. Miltek Non res centre

    Used but only a few months old. Sat in the back the other day and it's MUCH louder almost like there is hole. Only bought it as my std exhaust was hanging by a single rusty hanger......hmm may have to purchase a res centre section :-(
  7. Metallic Rattle when I shut the Boot

    Yeah mine does it sounds horrible and cheap, so far done the same tightening everything up but no success, next to try is some sound deadening.
  8. Miltek Non res centre

    OK so in the last week the exhaust has got noticeably louder, is this right?
  9. LCR seats foam worn

    Try Sere motors I got Recaro foams in less than a week.
  10. Tyres??

    I keep my tracking tip top so not had any issues there. ;) I am very surprised but in honesty 85% of my driving is in London so town speeds. We have done 2 euro road trips (2k and 3.2k round trips) and a le Mans which were pretty hard going. My old man preferences these and he does 40+K a year...
  11. Tyres??

    My GY Eagles Asy 2's have done 11k and look not far off new, guy that did the MOT thought they were no more than a couple of K old. Highly recommended tyre, although the only ones I've had on the Leon plenty or others on previous cars and I really do rate these.
  12. what have you done to your car today ?

    Drove it so I could drive this.
  13. Miltek Non res centre

    That you did. :-)
  14. Miltek Non res centre

    Well had it fitted yesterday and can't really tell any difference from standard, slightly deeper tone but that's it. First motorway test tomorrow but otherwise well chuffed to be honest.
  15. Miltek Non res centre

    Well Probably won't have much choice but to bite the bullet, 90-95% of my driving is at townspeeds these days and 100% of the Mrs driving is gentle so as long as she doesn't clock (middle of buying a house) I'll be ok. Would like to pop over to borrow your Trolley Jack for half an hour if you...
  16. Miltek Non res centre

    I have so will give it a go then. Cheers.
  17. Miltek Non res centre

    My worry was droning at motorway speeds, what is it like between 60 and ahem 100?
  18. Miltek Non res centre

    Bugger wish I'd known, what you after for it, how many miles it done?
  19. Miltek Non res centre

    Hi guys Picked up a Milly on the bay for my MK1 LCR which has turned out to be non-resonated centre section, I was really after a Res (my fault didn't read the ad properly). anyone out there got a Res centre section want to swap? Live in SE London but could meet as it isn't on the car yet. PM Me
  20. what have you done to your car today ?

    It does unfortunately, a problem of living in London. Has done a couple of 100+ miles recently looks like I need to find excuses for a few more. Cheers fellas.
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