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  1. Squintstream

    Ipod doc or mp3 doc

    You looked under the drivers seat? Don't have a MK 2 but know they're located there sometimes ;)
  2. Squintstream

    Long trip on the LCR coming up

    Never driven on the wrong (RHS) side of the road in Europe. However, my mate (who does a lot) tells me to wear my watch on the other wrist. This feels weird/unnatural and reminds you to take roundabouts anti clockwise and come out of junctions on the right side of the road. Maybe bull/not...
  3. Squintstream

    Front discs and pads

    Get in touch with David at Sere (see forum below) for original parts. Cheapest parts ive found so far and a great service. Easy to change too.:)
  4. Squintstream

    What would you swap your leon for?

    Maybe looking to move on myself (from a LCR). Tempted by the following: Golf R32 Golf GTI (30 Edition) MK 2 Leon K1 Think I'll be staying in the VAG fold for now.
  5. Squintstream

    Discs and Pads for a Leon cupra 1.8T?

    Speak to David at Sere if you want OEM.
  6. Squintstream

    HID install, is this correct?

    Good advice! Think I went for an 18mm hole or similar and the grommet was pliable enough that it could be squeezed in.
  7. Squintstream

    LCR Mk1 HORN

    Is the part number not on the original:confused: Just "crib" that if it is ;)
  8. Squintstream

    Headlight upgrade

    Really is minimum hassle to fit HIDs. One of the biggest jobs is finding a place to locate the ballasts. Apart from that it's pretty much plug and play :)
  9. Squintstream

    euro car parts water pumps

    That link still isn't working. I'd personally go for the original item from David (http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=240451). Maybe a few more quid, but at least you know you're getting genuine Seat parts.
  10. Squintstream

    Armrest hole... Where to cut?

    Cheers, tell me about it, not looking forward to the first cut! As you say, will probably fit the bracket first and take my T...I...M...E ;)
  11. Squintstream

    Climate control display

    No mate, as far as I'm aware it the whole unit job :( Not cheap (new) from Seat, so the best option is fleebay or similar.
  12. Squintstream

    Armrest hole... Where to cut?

    Hi All, Plan to fit an armrest this weekend [B)] Just want to confirm 100% before taking a Dremel (or other sharp/cutting object) to my centre console… Do I cut the outside perimeter of the coin tray? If I follow this line, I trust I won’t leave any unsightly gaps between the consol...
  13. Squintstream

    Cupra R Essential mods?

    HIDs HIDs are a must too and a relatively cheap mod...
  14. Squintstream

    lcr seats

    :yes: http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=209573&highlight=seat+washing+machine http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=209467&highlight=seat+washing+machine
  15. Squintstream

    Excellent Leather repair kit.

    No need to cry, seem to be good results :fool:
  16. Squintstream

    Excellent Leather repair kit.

    Hmm, I was wondering if it would work for all those people with worn out steering wheels :think: But they already do a steering wheel restoration kit. The after pics do look spot on :)
  17. Squintstream

    Standard Discs/Pads

    David at Sere will sort you out :) http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=249&order=desc
  18. Squintstream

    Headlamp Bulb advise please

    :no: The HID's in my lenses project the light exactly where I need it. The garage seems to agree as they've passed the MOT too :)
  19. Squintstream

    Boot Lid Shut indicator on Dash

    Not sure this is advisable… I’d rather have it pop off the rear jet (even if it is a bit of a bitch to get at) again, rather than causing it to pop off elsewhere (which isn’t accessible) :shrug:
  20. Squintstream

    Head Gasket gone LCR?

    Double that! As said, it due to the short journeys and will even happen in the warmer months.
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