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  1. Rivva

    rattling noise under acceleration

    Exhuast manifold gasket
  2. Rivva

    Constant cold start, even when warm

    Coolant temp sensor http://vid950.photobucket.com/albums/ad347/ryanacater/VID-20131103-WA0000_zps4083e556.mp4
  3. Rivva

    New clutch. But low biting point?

    Sounds like it to me mate, can you go through gears with no problems when the engines off? (I can)
  4. Rivva

    New clutch. But low biting point?

    Had my clutch and flywheel replaced 3 months ago and it came back with a stupidly low biting point and 3rd gear felt notchy, 3 months later reverse is impossible to.engage as is 1st and all the other gears require a lot of effort to engage and go in with a crunch, the car also moves back/forth...
  5. Rivva

    Car automatically locks itself with key in?

    It is meant to lock after 1 minute thats normal but if its doing it after the boots been opened then i would assume its the same sort of issue as the door lock module but for the boot where its not detecting being opened.. So the keys are stuck in the boot? You managed to get them out?
  6. Rivva

    pulling right under acceleration

    When my dog bone mount snapped the excess movement caused the car to pull to the right alot!
  7. Rivva

    Car automatically locks itself with key in?

    Yes it can and i did this the other week, luckily had my spare key though... most probable cause being the door lock module, mine is intermittently faulty so doesnt detect the door being opened and auto locks after a minute or however long it is. Other symptoms being the interior lights not...
  8. Rivva

    what have you done to your car today ?

    Funny that, I saw one of mine was missing and expected them to all of gone yesterday but only one is missing.. maybe it worked its way out of over time? Im hoping :blink:
  9. Rivva

    LCR knocking at low speed when brakes are applied

    Do you hear the knocking when going over rough ground or speed bumps? Turned out to be track rod ends for me.. although it could be the pads moving in the calipers?
  10. Rivva

    Jabbasport remap or revo map?

  11. Rivva

    Oil Pickup. How can you tell if its blocked?

    Your car sounds like a tractor .. I wouldnt even risk it just whip the sump off and get it changed if you've any doubts.. I got lucky and avoided any damage some how when mine blocked up and when i changed it it didnt even look that bad!
  12. Rivva

    VAGCOM Logs please have a look

    Cant really help on the info above but can i ask how do you get these logs to show up as a graph? :)
  13. Rivva

    Best exhaust to get

    Good point lol
  14. Rivva

    Best exhaust to get

    Yeah just waiting on clutch being done, meant to of been getting a good deal on a specialist fitting it for me along with other bits and bobs as he owes a mate a favour but turns out "mates rates" ain't really that good at all so speaking to another mechanic to see what the cost would be with...
  15. Rivva

    Best exhaust to get

    Is the Miltek plenty loud enough on full chat? Have boost withdrawals at the moment, cars not sorted yet :(
  16. Rivva

    Best exhaust to get

    :whistle: http://vid950.photobucket.com/albums/ad347/ryanacater/Mobile%20Uploads/VID-20140328-WA0001_zpse2uyucba.mp4 What you got Dan?
  17. Rivva

    Best exhaust to get

    http://s950.photobucket.com/user/ryanacater/media/Mobile%20Uploads/VID-20140318-WA0008_zpshrmo3rb5.mp4.html the above is cobra non res, its loud but sounds the business!
  18. Rivva

    Phantom problem - Help appreciated

    What price you looking at for these 2 ?
  19. Rivva

    Phantom problem - Help appreciated

    So a little update, driving earlier and all of a sudden gear changes felt normal, very smooth and not missing any gears (usually having to crunch/force it in gear) Now the clutch was only slipping intermittently not all the time.. but now the gear changes are smooth and it feels like theres no...
  20. Rivva

    Another clutch and flywheel thread and...

    Ive had a disaster with mine! :( check out my other thread
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