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  1. TazB

    Petrol in your diesel

    i think you'll find petrol is also oil based. just more refined.
  2. TazB

    Air Con Issue

    Piece of cake, open bonnet run the engine for 5min connect gauge to the inlet at top front of engine bay and follow the instructions that come with the gas. Iirc the kit was about 40?. The proper air con service is about 80£. If I hadn't been short on time I woulda went for the full...
  3. TazB

    Air Con Issue

    Most likely. The displaying my car was flashing for months until I topped up the gas with a can from Halford.
  4. TazB

    LawrieIbizaMk4's Bocanegra...sold!

    Nice replacement
  5. TazB

    TazB's Ride

    Another Mot passed, after replacing a side light. Cars not been washed for a couple months... Not on here very often.
  6. TazB

    Anyone with DRLs fitted?

    hey how easy were these to fit? would you recommend them?
  7. TazB

    Seat Leon - Candy White - BTCC Kit - K1Rep

    yeah Miltek tbe
  8. TazB

    Seat Leon - Candy White - BTCC Kit - K1Rep

    car sounds awesome!
  9. TazB

    LawrieIbizaMk4's Bocanegra...sold!

    who's your insurance with?
  10. TazB

    Seat Leon - Candy White - BTCC Kit - K1Rep

    Cracking looking car, I'll keep an eye out for you on the roads
  11. TazB

    REVO Candy White mk4 FR - FOR SALE

    those back lights are sexual! good job
  12. TazB

    TazB's Ride

    for them here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REAR-Ferod...item43b0cc7fde from this thread www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=359469
  13. TazB

    TazB's Ride

    **** mate I must have missed the notification about this. Have you bought it yet ? would I recommend it ? at first I would say no but it's grown on me, I've got used to its major flaw. The display is hard to see in bright sunlight, everything reflects off the clear plastic front. I changed...
  14. TazB

    TazB's Ride

    New discs and pads on the rear, groovey!
  15. TazB

    Rear brakes

    did you try unscrew the brake fluid cap in the engine bay ? which way does your piston tool wind, clockwise or anti clockwise ? sorry I've no idea which one you need
  16. TazB

    MK4 + Baby

    congrats, I've got a 2 yr old and manage just fine, as already said it depends on the push chair. also when buying a car seat try it out in the car, I found the rear seat belt wouldn't fit around the rear facing car seat so that went on the front seat with the air bag off. now she's in a recaro...
  17. TazB

    New brakes!!

    Thanks for the shopping list GK, my rear discs are mega rusty
  18. TazB

    Torque Android App

    I use it, have the paid version which is a lot better than the free version. can't remember where I bought the blue tooth adapter but it's one of the cheap Hong Kong types, seems to work perfectly with my galaxy s2. I use the app to show coolant temp. boost pressure, intake temp and GPS...
  19. TazB

    LawrieIbizaMk4's Bocanegra...sold!

    looking good, the car should really come like that as standard
  20. TazB

    My Modded Boc

    ha ha too much info lol
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