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  1. Bowen

    Bowen's Cupra 280

    Yeah they're black and not my first choice but they came up at a good price. I agree, black wheels get lost in the tyre. I may change the colour at some point. What also annoys me is that I had black TD's on my Megane and swore I'd never have black wheels again!
  2. Bowen

    Post Pic's of Your Mk3 Leon In Here

    IMG_20190202_195834_747 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr IMG_20190217_144640_125 by Lloyd Bowen, on Flickr
  3. Bowen

    Bowen's Cupra 280

    Where to begin. Prior to the Cupra, I owned and loved my Renault Megane RS250. It was and is the best drivers car I have ever driven. I fettled with it pretty extensively, B14 Coilovers, FMIC, Decat, Recaro Pole Positions, sticky tyres, striped out and a remap of 310bhp. It was a well sorted...
  4. Bowen

    New old member

    Hey, Picked up the Exeo the day before Christmas Eve. 6 hour round trip but came back with an Exeo sport estate in metallic grey, not sure of the official colour name. Nav sport leather unmarked alloys, with four new matching (yet cheap) tyres No VAG emissions update installed 2...
  5. Bowen

    New old member

    Hello, I used to be on this forum quite a bit with my old mk3 Ibiza. Since then I have owned many different things, focus st, TTS, fabia vrs, audi a4 Quattro etc. I currently have a Megane RS250 that I use on track and should hopefully pick up a Seat Exeo this week for daily duties, so I...
  6. Bowen


    Cheers mate. Ebay turns up the pollen filter with that part number. Off to TPS I go. Don't suppose you have the total price on that invoice do you?
  7. Bowen


    Struggling to find this part. 8E2 819 447 01 C seems to be for smaller scuttle cover, not the whole width cover.
  8. Bowen

    possible boost leak

    sorted it i think, driving to work this morning pop heard a boost pipe pop off. rolled to a stop looked under the bonnet, a silicone joiner had worked loose. 10mm spanner 20secs later and an oily shirt, done. few more nigly issues, engine mount, wishbones, exhaust hanger/bushes, wheel bearing...
  9. Bowen

    possible boost leak

    Hey Guys and Girls, Recently had a revo stage1 (great bang for the buck mod) boosted to 20psi and held at 19 psi, about a week after a coilpack went pop so replaced accordingly. Ever since the car boosts upto 20psi, then drops and doesnt hold. Using my limited knowledge i would think...
  10. Bowen

    ibiza cupra mk3

    saw this on ebay, seen it around by me too. very nice, apart from the wheels and the centre grill i like it.
  11. Bowen

    AP's or Weitecs..

    weitec. had AP coilovers on my ST clunking after 2 months.
  12. Bowen

    Help :(

    linkage or gearbox maybe
  13. Bowen

    Please help me out

  14. Bowen

    Possible to fit golf K04 to the Ibiza?

    could just buy a k03s?......
  15. Bowen

    Please help me out

    i had it vagcom'd to determine which one it was. Ideally you should replace them all anyway (so i read somewhere?!)
  16. Bowen

    Please help me out

    coilpack. does it run really rough at idle?
  17. Bowen

    Would you fit this kit on you cupra

    do it if you can mate.
  18. Bowen

    Riko's black cupra

  19. Bowen

    change it all around

    uhhhh, i know i will be no help. but good luck.
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