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  1. jellybabybandit

    2010 Ibiza FR 2.0TDI Suspension Upgrade?

    Yeah the billies I have H&R on mine at the moment and hate the harsh ride. Hight is perfect but far too crashy
  2. jellybabybandit

    2010 Ibiza FR 2.0TDI Suspension Upgrade?

    How did you get in with the setup buddy ?
  3. jellybabybandit

    205/45/17 instead of 215/40/17 on FR?

    Tyre size is that for a reason. I wouldn't recomend it. For instance I am looking to replace my tyres on my 2.0 FR. I want uniroyal rainsports however been told that due to the extra weight from the 2.0 tdi lump we need the Extta load tyres
  4. jellybabybandit

    Seat Ibiza 1.2 for sale!

    Or you could post in the for sale section
  5. jellybabybandit

    Iphone connection

    ok i just ordered the cable and adaptor cheers for the advice buddy
  6. jellybabybandit

    Iphone connection

    ok so i have the iphone 5 which i would need the connector as you say but can i not just connect to my phone using the headphone jack thats on that cable ?
  7. jellybabybandit

    how to remap an ibiza 70ps 12v

    you would be lucky to get 3 - 5 bhp out of it i would say not worth the mosy and you would hsrdly notice it
  8. jellybabybandit

    Iphone connection

    Hey folks I was wonderig what optiins are available for me to connect my iphone to my stereo in the car I have tried using my iphone lead and plugging it into the usb socket and then switch to AUX but that doesnt seem to work Its just that most of my music is on my phone and it would...
  9. jellybabybandit

    What's my car worth you think ?

    WBAC offered £5k and Evans Halshaw offered £5500. Just wondered what I would get in a private sale seen as these places offer rock bottom prices
  10. jellybabybandit

    What's my car worth you think ?

    Hey guys was wondering what you consider my car to be worth ? As I am thinking of selling private rather than trading it in 2010 ibiza FR 2.0 tdi 62k miles Full history Remapped H&R springs Audi S3 brakes Full service history
  11. jellybabybandit

    Cupra TFSI owners opinions needed

    That's well spotted. Might need some investigating
  12. jellybabybandit

    Looking for someone with VAG access near me

    I have vag com. Based in clarkston glasgow
  13. jellybabybandit

    Cupra TFSI owners opinions needed

    This is it http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201412059456737?atmobcid=soc4
  14. jellybabybandit

    Cupra TFSI owners opinions needed

    It's in an Arnold Clark buddy
  15. jellybabybandit

    Cupra TFSI owners opinions needed

    Hey guys Currently own an ibiza 2.0 tdi FR which is nice and quick with its remap and great on the fuel but been looking at changing due to needing something bigger. So seen a nice red leon cupra 2009 with just 37k miles. Going for a look tomorrow and I was wondering what to look out for...
  16. jellybabybandit


    mine on H&R springs
  17. jellybabybandit

    Radio Signal Help!!

    mine is the exact same but never got round to looing into it. Let me know how you get on
  18. jellybabybandit

    MPG for 2.0 TDI Ibiza

    what he says for my 2.0 also and mine is remapped :D
  19. jellybabybandit

    Mk5 Cupra

    What year did they sort the oil problems out ?
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