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  1. CraigW

    MK2 Ibiza 2.0 8v GTI White

    This car is going to be immaculate when you are finished with it! Will be like it has just come out the factory/showroom.
  2. CraigW

    My K04 hybrid powered MK2 Cupra Sport track slag (it's now left the building)

    Definetely the end of an era with this car!
  3. CraigW

    Craig's Mk2 Ibiza. NEW CAR Page 20 25/6/12!!

    Wheels are an option extra that was available on the Sport model. Also has a set of Honda Jazz washer jets (mist type - common mod). I have removed the 'Type S' badge from the grille and it looks so much better. The Sport is rather quick tbh, 108/110bhp 1.6 16v Vtec. When it gets to around 3k...
  4. CraigW

    Craig's Mk2 Ibiza. NEW CAR Page 20 25/6/12!!

    The Ibiza is currently off the road as it currently sorn. This is because after 6 years of ownership I decided it was time for a change of car so I have now bought my new car which I have had for just over a week. Heres a picture I took after I test drove the car Its a 2004 Honda Civic...
  5. CraigW

    DC's 8v mk2 Ibiza GTi Cupra Sport *Back on the road!*

    This car is going to turn out awesome when it is done!!
  6. CraigW

    Craig's Mk2 Ibiza. NEW CAR Page 20 25/6/12!!

    It is Milano Red. After I test drove it and got back in the Ibiza the Ibiza felt so basic and rather small/cramped inside.
  7. CraigW

    Suj's S14a 200sx....Has been replaced.....Now Sold!

    Bet this drives awesome now Suj :thumbup: As of Saturday I will be driving a Jap motor aswell :funk:.
  8. CraigW

    Craig's Mk2 Ibiza. NEW CAR Page 20 25/6/12!!

    I know :(. Ive had the car over 6 years but just feel that it is time for a change and to try something else. Ive gone for a different manufacturer, gone to the darkside..... Or should I say Jap side :D. Gone for an 04 'Reg Civic Sport (EP2). 1.6i 16v Vtec 54,000 miles Type R...
  9. CraigW

    Craig's Mk2 Ibiza. NEW CAR Page 20 25/6/12!!

    Well folks I am currently in my last week of mk2 ownership/driving. Went and had a look at a new car at the weekend and I have put a deposit down on it. Hopefully I should be collecting it this weekend. I have to say after driving it then jumping back in the Ibiza, IMO the Ibiza felt so...
  10. CraigW

    JordanMk3 Chill.. Cupra Wheels Now Stand Out ;)

    Car looks awesome on the blue wheels!! :D. They go so well against the grey paint IMO :thumbup:
  11. CraigW

    You Know You have a mk2 Ibiza When........

    Thought the cars at the top of the page may have given away what 'Ibiza' was being refered to :lol:.
  12. CraigW

    Absence of certain warning lights.. dafook?

    I would check the bulbs etc next. My sidelight/headlights on one warning light didnt light when I bought my car. Took the clocks out and changed the bulb and it works now.
  13. CraigW

    MK2 Ibiza 2.0 8v GTI White

    I think its a sign for you not to sell it! Wish my bay looked as clean as that to start working on, mine has loads of rust parts and stuff :(.
  14. CraigW

    JordanMk3 Chill.. Cupra Wheels Now Stand Out ;)

    This post is USELESS without PICS!! :p :rofl:
  15. CraigW

    Mk4 Ibiza 1.4, Comic Book headlining, DIY wheel refurb

    Car is looking good! :thumbup: Good base to start working from. Never saw one in this colour with the facelift bumper on it but it looks awesome! The headlining looks awesome aswell, big respect from trying something different with it but you have pulled it off :D. Any more plans?
  16. CraigW

    Gti 16v central locking problems. HELP!!!

    Sounds like an air leak somewhere. The locking system on the mk2 is pneumatic/air-driven so if a pipe has popped off somewhere or has a hole in it the car doesnt lock as there is a 'break' in the system so to speak. Start from the pump and follow all the lines and see if one of the pipes has...
  17. CraigW

    mk2 ibiza after 4 years....

    Nice one. This would deffo be a fun track car! And its an awesome colour :love:
  18. CraigW

    Heidi's mk2 ibiza cupra..

    Sorry for the triple post..... having internet problems :blink:
  19. CraigW

    Heidi's mk2 ibiza cupra..

    Car looks good! Dont see many new members popping up on the forum now with these. Really like how those wheels look on the car. Do you have any more pictures of the exhaust tips?
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