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  1. Lowering

    Eibach pros on and wheels realigned almost a year now and no probs. Looks good and corners even better You are right Leon's are too high when shipped
  2. Vinyl Wrapping

    Had my mirrors wrapped. Good quality vinyl is the answer. Had roof done as well. But now changed to having roof. wing mirrors and front and rear valance sprayed gloss black.
  3. Leon Fr - Blue Boy

    well black vinyl has now gone and has been replaced by a good quality respray....yup mirror gloss black, roof, front valence and tad on rear. lowered on eibach pro's and a revo remap, makes one nice ride. pics to be uploaded when the sun shines will i swop for a new FR ...... nah
  4. Leon FR - 'Leon' De-badge - Thoughts?

    Mines been taken off and vinyled the "S" boot handle Loads better, get rid of that chrome!
  5. CR FR now lowered on Eibachs *pics inside*

    v.nice looking car but i would say that wouldnt I....? http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=324063&page=2&highlight=blue+boy pics on page 2 ----- should i say great minds thinks alike? and with stage one revo drives just as good just wish i had those moody pics of yours.....
  6. Wheel spacers for Cupra?

    wouldnt mind being copied in on that PM if thats ok, doing same but would like a look at finished job first tia
  7. Eibach Pro kit?

    FR CR TDI BTCC and prolines and yes you do have to be careful of speed humps but you wont get stuck ........ for that slight worry the ride and the look will easily win you round just go for it!
  8. BTCC bumper line up?

    same here......
  9. My seat dealer does revo remaps

    local skoda garage revo map........and yes my CR170 FR is certainly improved..... really really impressed
  10. What lowering springs for fr170

    if careful the dont ground so dont worry, get em fitted you wont be disapointed
  11. Strange rattle on cold startup

    hey thats strange my FR mk 2 has done the same to me a few times and yes scared the [email protected] out of me too.
  12. vinyl wrapped

    maybe it will look like my baby i dont regret it and i bet you wont either check out blue boy in readers rides for more pics
  13. Leon FR from Mexico

    your pics speak a thousand words....nice work going on
  14. New FR How do I get more Ponnies

    yup a fan here went the revo route on same car as yours........never regretted a moment since plus get it lowered makes a great car even better, eliminates roll in corners and looks better too
  15. Leather seats ? Worth it or not

    gottem, lovem
  16. rear camber

    when i lowered to sportlines had all four corners set up....made hell of a lot of difference to cornering well worth checking out
  17. Pictures of your car lowered

    nah best done by a pro.....like this one that done my wrapping and tints http://www.pwpro.co.uk/cars/vinyl-wrapping
  18. Pictures of your car lowered

    Blue Peter used to use it every week...lol
  19. Pictures of your car lowered

    hard to say as had done in stages...front and rear quater lights were done when i had caddy black tints on back and rear windows so price combined. not much for quarters at all i wouldnt have thought you could try yourself
  20. Pictures of your car lowered

    satin wrap all round...............clean an simple and on roof, front grill and badge and of course wing mirrors....
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