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  1. Rainman

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    The car is 18 months .... Nope hasn't been repaired resprayed ... Never the less I will try the tar remover ..even thought tried claybar didn't do much I am not a paint expert but they do not feel /look like microblisters as you can't really feel them by hand ..and this is the weird think
  2. Rainman

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    Does any have any idea what this may be ?
  3. Rainman

    Leon Safety recall [WARNING deletes all the personal Carista etc settings]

    The recall is about the possibility of fault with no warning of failed indicators
  4. Rainman

    Boost gauge fr 1.4

    You don't have the sport display option ...of the screen
  5. Rainman

    Help with alloy wheel changes

    Yeap ….myself included
  6. Rainman

    Help with alloy wheel changes

    The DCC suspension was offered as an extra option in all FR models - Cupra thought it was standard equipment
  7. Rainman

    self leveling led lights

    Honestly i don't know why it doesn't work ...worked for me thought (but most of us we raised the beam as it was to low rather trying to lower it - maybe its in its lower setting ) as for many other members ...from what i recall ,either from this i don't have any more ideas maybe another member...
  8. Rainman

    self leveling led lights

    Maybe this helps screw 2...anticlockwise raises the beam.
  9. Rainman

    self leveling led lights

    Well there are 2 plastic screws .....one is vertical adjustment and the other one is for horizontal ....which one you tried ?
  10. Rainman

    1.5TSI oil consumption?

    That's what i did also ....using the 5w-30 since day one....changed the oil at 1500km and since then using 5w-30 with no issues at all in regards to oil consumption...
  11. Rainman

    what did you and your mk3 leon do today

    The recall affects cars manufactured from 2017 onwards....and as said above it may affects led lighting ...but not just headlamps or main beam ...but in general for example the signal (still led) ...what they said to me as i got the recall letter so i called them to arrange it ...i have been...
  12. Rainman

    new in this site

    Welcome to the club.
  13. Rainman

    Mud flaps on the FR?

    Glad you finally got them
  14. Rainman

    Infotainment system doesn't like warm weather?

    well for sure its not down to hot weather ....i am leaving in Greece and once you parkl the car at the sun its like an oven inside but i never had an issue with the infotainment system ....therefore you should visit the dealer ...to check it.....
  15. Rainman

    New car home treatment plan

    Me personaly i use the collonite 476s and Fusso soft 99 king of gloss. both of them very good ( they even have good reviews in the net) and not to hard to apply them. You can have a look in the net about them for videos e.t.c
  16. Rainman

    Mud flaps on the FR?

    Can't be sure ...this is what they have at accessories list. ... the front fit about the rear ones can't be sure .. you can give them a try I suppose at the dealership before you buy them
  17. Rainman

    Mud flaps on the FR?

    https://www.seat.gr/content/dam/countries/gr/myco1722/owners/accessories/catalogue-pdf/ateca-accessories.pdf Maybe that helps follow the link
  18. Rainman

    Mud flaps on the FR?

    Here you can see the part numbers ... Front 575075111 Rear 575075101 Sorry can't upload the picture to large
  19. Rainman

    Leon FR 2014 Engine cover

    From what i know there is int one.....mine for e.g 2018 model doesn't have either... but you can order one if you wish ....its exact same as the vw golf where it has one....
  20. Rainman

    Anyone got their Tarraco yet?

    Not much left another 2 months more or less .... hopefully it will be what you are expecting ... from the reviews it seems as a very nice drive
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