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  1. Golf R or Leon Cupra 290

    Youre considering PCP on a used car! I suspect that will have a high interest rate. Bank loan instead and you will actually own the car.
  2. Slightly juddery pickup at low revs (FR)

    I went from an Octavia vRS diesel to a LEON FR 1.4TSi (150) & had no problems adapting. Although both having DSG probably helped. :-)
  3. Interim service or full? With MOT.

    Not if it is the 7-speed dry clutch DSG. Only the 6-speed wet clutch needs servicing every 40k miles.
  4. New Leon mk4 thoughts

    Why must you have a manual hand brake? My 2018 Leon is my first car with an Electronic Handbrake + Auto Hold and both work perfectly. I can see no advantage in having a manual handbrake.
  5. Seat Leon Running cost

    I was wrong. the MkIII Leon has a 50 litre tank, NOT 45 as I stated.
  6. Leon MK3.5 space saver wheel question

    A 225/40-18 has an overall diameter of 25.09 inches. A 185.70-18 space saver is 24.89 inches, so less than 1% difference. Fine as a spare. The space saver should be fitted as a rear wheel and speed then limited to 50mph.
  7. Seat Leon Running cost

    My 2018 1.4TSi (150) has averaged 45mpg. How far I can drive on a full tank depends on how close I am prepared to go to empty. Cost depends on how empty the tank is when I fill it and the price where I fill it up. Surely all you need to know is average mpg for your type of driving and that the...
  8. Leon MK3.5 space saver wheel question

    What size tyre is on the space-saver wheel?
  9. Replacing front interior led light (facelift)

    The interior lights in my July 2018 FR seem not to be an intensive enough white to be LEDs so I would also like to change them. Any advice gratefully received.
  10. Full link activation

    Not useless for me - does everything I want. It's a car not an entertainment centre. Works well with my phone & I can use Google maps instead of the built-in sat-nav if I wish. I'm older (73) than the average poster on here so doubtless have different needs.
  11. Full link activation

    Good question. I think in my mid-2018 FR using my Honor 9 Lite it will only display compatible apps - Google Maps, etc. I will check nect time I am in the car.
  12. Full link activation

    My Honor 9 Lite works perfectly in my mid-2018 FR. Honor is Huawei's cheaper brand.
  13. Improve ride comfort

    This will cause the speedo to under-read by 5%. As it almost certainly over-reads as standard that probably will not matter but your insurance company must be informed and may object or, at the least, increase your premium.
  14. 1.5TSI EVO 150 Surprisingly gutless?

    I was going to buy a Golf GT with the 1.5TSi (150) engine but after reading about the problems with that engine changed my mind and bought a Leon FR of the same age as that had the 1.4TSi (150) engine. After reading this thread it seems I made the right decision. Very impressed with the Leon &...
  15. Space saver plus tyre pressure monitor

    The 18" space saver has a 125/70 tyre and the 17" has a 125/80 tyre. Both have an overall diameter within 1% of a 225/40-18 and 225/45-17 tyre. So either space saver is fine. Also either alloy+tyre will fit in the wheel well but raise the carpet.
  16. Improve ride comfort

    Weren't 225/45-17 standard on the FR with 225/40-18 optional? My used 2018 FR came with the 18s but ride is improved when wearing its winter Nokian 225/45-17s on lighter alloys.
  17. 1.4 TSi ACT economy

    My previous car, an Octavia vRS diesel was just under 5% optimistic when calculated over 40K miles. My Leon 1.4TSi (150) FR over 5K miles is currently less than 1% optimistic.
  18. DSG Help

    No need to always use button when moving selector, e. g., from neutral to drive & back. Experiment is the best way to find out for other movements. Also whether you are in Drive (D), Sport (S) or Manual (M) is shown by the corresoponding letter in front of the gear number at the top of the...
  19. How close to the legal limit do you let yours tyres go?

    The experience with the RS5s on my wife's car will not be of much relevance to the car owner's on here. She drives a 2010 Renault Clio 1.2TCE (100) and only covers 3,500 miles/year. My post was really just to warn anyone with RS3s on their car and changing less than all of them that the latest...
  20. How close to the legal limit do you let yours tyres go?

    Just had 2 new RS5s fitted to my wife's car which has RS3s on the rear. If you have RS3s on your car and are changing only 2 of them to RS5s please note that the later tyre has a completely different (still asymmetric) tread pattern.
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