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  1. Bondiblu

    BLT EGR Removal explained

    Both can be mapped out independently, though I'd keep the ASV anyway.
  2. Bondiblu

    Anyone know where this clip is from?!

    It's not one of the clips that hold the cover on the back of the headlight, is it?????
  3. Bondiblu

    Nitryx tuning

    Really no need to explain ;) and you're not being rude. You're doing the right thing asking around, why wouldn't you.
  4. Bondiblu

    Nitryx tuning

    I am relocating to Cheshire yes, and it's still a small outfit. I don't advertise widely, so not well known. Majority of my work is secured by word of mouth ;). Oh and thanks Seatmann for the kind words.
  5. Bondiblu

    DPF measuring blocks

    [Meas. Blocks - 08] Select both Groups at once 070 and 075. Any yes, the 1.4TDI Eco is the ONLY Mk4 with a DPF fitted. This should assist you http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Diesel_Particle_Filter_Emergency_Regeneration
  6. Bondiblu

    Ibiza cupra tdi

    Remap :)
  7. Bondiblu

    130 tdi..boost question

    Stock Boost on a PD130 should hold max 1350 mBar / 19.6 PSI may spike higher but should settle, thats what the ECU requests... Remapped boost shouldn't hold much more than 1500-1550 mBar / 21.75 - 22.5 PSI on a stock turbo else your likely to have a problem, even then the chocolate like...
  8. Bondiblu

    Dead car please help!

    :cry: ... ouch!
  9. Bondiblu

    Faulty Electrics (immobiliser issue)

    Well I'm glad you got it sorted in the end ;)
  10. Bondiblu

    Faulty Electrics (immobiliser issue)

    When re-seating the plastic surround, I've had it where the locating pins are quite tight and it's not quite flush with the PCB. Sounds like you'll need to strip them down again, clean the black contacts on the PCB side and the edge of the carbon connector strips beneath the LCD and make sure...
  11. Bondiblu

    Faulty Electrics (immobiliser issue)

    Did you do the job with the plastics in place, or did you remove the plastics and LCDs? Either way sounds like youve disturbed the contact between the carbon strips and the PCB, or the metal cage around the LCD has come loose.
  12. Bondiblu

    MAF logs help please

    A hybrid would explain the high MAF readings :) and yip block 11 for turbo as seatmann said ;) .
  13. Bondiblu

    MAF logs help please

    The MAF readings are sitting on the Diag limit all the way to 4000rpm so seeing plenty air, means a remapped car with increased boost, and the EGR is constantly closed. Not much more to say from that log. Are you looking for something in particular?
  14. Bondiblu

    Another Cluster problem. LCD screen

    I tend to agree, try cleaning the pads on the PCB and edges of the carbon strips. If need be, I have a 6 dial instrument cluster which is faulty.
  15. Bondiblu

    fr clocks in a sport !

    left a message on you visitors page
  16. Bondiblu

    leon tdi 150 remap/egr

    Your mapper doesn't know what he's doing then
  17. Bondiblu

    leon tdi 150 remap/egr

    Certainly can be done on this car
  18. Bondiblu

    Turbo failure

    This was the case a few years ago, though now days, both EGR and ASV can be mapped out individually without affecting the rest of the DTC table.
  19. Bondiblu

    Instrument cluster lights

    Dry joints are a common issue yes. I see one of my previous posts may have been misleading. Majority of the time its the green connector where all the signals from sensors etc come in that is the problem. As I mentioned above, the LED's are powered from the black connector. If there was a dry...
  20. Bondiblu

    Instrument cluster lights

    The black plug should be power to the clocks and power for the LED's. flickering backlight could possibly be the dimmer switch, rather than the clocks. If its just behind one dial that it flickering it's probably the clocks though resoldering the connectors I don't think will resolve it.
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