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  1. welly

    Ace Cafe - VAG Night

    Hi All, Is anyone planning on attending from here to the VAG Ace Cafe night? I'm currently Seat-less, but I'll be popping along after work and would be good to talk Seats with people as I'm not sure I'll be a fan of the no doubt prevalent mk4 golfs on air. Its the 28th of February at...
  2. welly

    BPM's cup racer

    Saw this at the 24 hour race. Lovely car and was making decent progress! Me and my Dad were gutted when we woke up from a few hours sleep to notice it missing. Is is salvagable?
  3. welly

    Mk4 R32 wide body kit fitted

    Saw this on Saturday at Goodwood, looks unbelievable in the flesh!
  4. welly

    South Coast members list

    I'm going to players on Saturday!
  5. welly

    Shall i Modify MK3 1.4 or Save for MK3 Cupra

    Do it, I was 18 when I got my cupra, insured it at 19 and havnt looked back since. I'm 21 now by the way.
  6. welly

    Leon Cupra R 225 at the age of 21 ?

    1400 for me on a LCR I'm 21 next week. 985 for my Ibiza Cupra come renewal time. Being 21 opens up so many insurance options!
  7. welly

    Welly's Mk3 Ibiza Cupra - Black betty- New wheels on!

    Thanks for all your comments. I will get some proper pictures up soon. I have actually been ever so gradually getting things done, I now have a stubby drivers mirror, 40mm lowering springs, my wheels obviously, hid's for my fogs are waiting to go on, I've now got a boost gauge its just all so slow.
  8. welly

    Welly's Mk3 Ibiza Cupra - Black betty- New wheels on!

    Slightly better picture :)
  9. welly

    Welly's Mk3 Ibiza Cupra - Black betty- New wheels on!

    I finally got my new wheels refurbed and fitted :D They are Oz Cronos, which were white, but have now been powder coated in metallic grey. I will put some better pictures up once I have had the chance to clean the car properly. In the meantime, if anyone wants a set of standard Mk3...
  10. welly

    BIG Meet/Track/Santa Pod day out

    I still need to lose my seat meet virginity even after 4 years of having them, I'll be keen date dependant!
  11. welly

    Bump Strips

    ok, cool, thanks for the advice. I'll get on to my dealer and get some lower spec ones at some point.
  12. welly

    Bump Strips

    Hi all, I'm looking to get my bump strips colour coded at some point on my cupra. Going to go buy some spares so I can keep my car for work whilst they're getting painted. Anyone know how much the dealers charge for them? And is there a better please to get them if not the dealers? Thank you.
  13. welly

    K04 MK3 Ibiza Cupra Track Ready - RIP

    yeah, but only a little, depending on how thick you go with your rubber etc. Well worth doing I promise.
  14. welly

    K04 MK3 Ibiza Cupra Track Ready - RIP

    There you go mate, theres pictures. Bad quality phone pictures but pictures of how I stopped my boot rattling.
  15. welly

    My mk3 Ibiza cupra ko3 Hybrid

    Bit off topic but Chambers have you tried putting something rubber on where the bootlock latches on to. Wrapped mine in some old rubber hose and cable tied and it completely stopped the rattling and squeaking I've had forever! 2 minute job!
  16. welly

    Red seat belts who has em!?

    i've got reds out of my old mk2 in my cupra, little play with vagcom i think it turns the airbag light off.
  17. welly

    Welly's Mk3 Ibiza Cupra - Black betty- New wheels on!

    oh be nice to have someone semi local- Got new exhaust on, now got an oval tailpipe, also got rear spacers on, everythings going slowly unfortunately. let me know if you get one!
  18. welly

    Best exhaust for a MK3 1.4

    £2500 mate, a backbox sounds like a plan though!
  19. welly

    Best exhaust for a MK3 1.4

    It's the most annoying answer to the question and you'll probably disagree but save the money. I had a mk2 1.4 which I spent a small fortune on, its now 2 years later and I've got a mk3 Cupra but the money would of been so much better spent on my cupra than it was trying to make my 1.4 better...
  20. welly

    cupra insurance

    :( This threads depressing! I'm 19, 2 years ncb and i pay £2500. Think I'm missing a trick!
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