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  1. Boi Ninja

    Can I get a mk2 16V GTI for less than a grand?

    :drool: what part of the country you from mate?
  2. Boi Ninja

    mk3 front end on a mk2

    haha what a sequence ...legends!
  3. Boi Ninja

    Can I get a mk2 16V GTI for less than a grand?

    ...well u could always buy a sxe (i think they have abs and aircon ...) or an 8v and then buy an 2.0l 16v abf lump for £250ish or vr6 aaa lump for £350ish and go that way about it. i know if i was a mechanic and/or got the labour cheap thats what id do... or buy a cheap polo and put an abf in...
  4. Boi Ninja

    Can I get a mk2 16V GTI for less than a grand?

    e.g: http://www.gumtree.com/london/67/27040367.html its probably sold but its just an example dont limit yourself to just autotrader
  5. Boi Ninja

    Painted Rocker Cover

    does the rocker cover just unbolt straight off or is a mechanical mind involved?? lol.
  6. Boi Ninja

    Can I get a mk2 16V GTI for less than a grand?

    ...man you can find a decent one for around a grand, they are always popping up.
  7. Boi Ninja

    bonnet raisers,what do you think?

    looks ok i like it. what happens when it rains?
  8. Boi Ninja

    oil in air filter?

    i got a 1.4cl polo ...same type of engine ...same problem, i cleaned it out stuck a new filter in and its all good ...feels a bit sluggish again so i think i might have to do it all over again. there must be a permanent fix to this?
  9. Boi Ninja

    Passed MOT... Yeh! But top mount advisory....

    we all complain about mounts after MOT ...its an excuse to get coilovers. ...well that was my excuse anyway hehe.
  10. Boi Ninja

    Roof Rack

    haha cool, ima wait till funds allow.
  11. Boi Ninja

    anyone ever made a lowrider/cali style ibiza mk2 ?

    i was just thinking of that polo. yeh do it it will look nice on the ibiza. "gold daytona's on that cherry 64, White walls so clean looks like Im ridin on vogues"
  12. Boi Ninja


    sorry but wont it overheat?
  13. Boi Ninja

    Had the car painted and some bits done

    wasnt that the supercharged one?
  14. Boi Ninja

    ICE ICE baby

    why dont u take out the back seats? ..just an idea. your going to fibreglass it up yeah? update pics when ur doing it im interested in putting a PC into the boot. thanks.
  15. Boi Ninja

    ICE ICE baby

    ...so wheres the shopping go? lol im just kidding, should look nice i think if u do it properly. good luck
  16. Boi Ninja


    ya dun kno ...i think its a bad boy extension ...covering the indicators too maybe? might look nice depending on what look your going for? smooth and simple then yeh it should look ok. try it and let us know. the mk4 has jets under the bonnet? ...:confused: does that clean the engine...
  17. Boi Ninja

    Had the car painted and some bits done

    looks really nice, agree not as funky as the orange but in a league of its own still. keep it up mate.
  18. Boi Ninja

    HT Leads

    ...you would want the red ones, right? the are hard to find ...try this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ALHAMBRA-CORDOBA-IBIZA-TOLEDO-16V-IGNITION-HT-LEADS_W0QQitemZ160236174192QQihZ006QQcategoryZ100918QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1638Q2em118Q2el1247
  19. Boi Ninja

    Roof Rack

    yeh you would need to get the clamps from the ibiza specific, then bolt on the retro one to the clamps.
  20. Boi Ninja

    Ibiza Mk5 photos in Ibiza Town SEAT dealers

    ...number 10 should look ...interesting:confused:
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