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  1. Saying hi from Colombia!

    Hi all!! Brief update again! So I went BBK and got some brembo 18z front and the matching rears, rotor size I kept the same and also used the creations Motorsports dual Caliper adapter kit.... This is what it looks like now... I am now searching for a turbo upgrade and seems I can get my hands...
  2. Saying hi from Colombia!

    Hi all! Me again, time for some more little changes: I was able to change my OEM intercooler for a Unitronic one, also changes de boost and charge pipes and changed the OEM xenon bulbs for OSRAM night breaker laser and also changed my DV for a gofastbits Dv+... Some pictures below! Now I am...
  3. Saying hi from Colombia!

    So just a little update.... After some time searching and searching finally got some upgrades brakes and did the installation yesterday.... Front are from AudiS3 8V with 340mm disc... Rears are from a GolfR MKV with 310mm disc... In the photos are: fronts original vs modified, rears original...
  4. wagner intercooler

    HI Shane, does it fit an MK2? Are you willing to post overseas? I could do payment via paypal I'd guess.
  5. Saying hi from Colombia!

    Thanks mate!
  6. Saying hi from Colombia!

    Hi everyone! I'm kinda new to the seat world, recently purchased a red Leon FR 1.8 and diving deep down into the mods I am able to do.... So far it has some things done here and there and is remapped to 225whp and 280 whp for racing (using 95-98 octane). I'm posting here a couple pictures of my...
  7. *Big update 04/09/19* My 1P Leon Cupra's Journey from stock - stage 2 - TTE 420 (Picture heavy)

    Hey mate, greetings from Colombia!!! I just read your complete thread and it is just amazing how much work and patience you have put into this car. The build is just awesome!!! I'd love to have a bonnet and trunk like yours. I bet it is crazy expensive?? Here is a couple pictures of my small...
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