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  1. BaldyDave

    Fans running on 2.0 CR FR

    Hoi stop slagging my old car! lol Like Deano says, it's normal when it's doing a DPF regen. Happened when I had the car and it's nothing to worry about.:)
  2. BaldyDave

    1.6 TDI to 2.0 TDI

    The 2.0TDI engine in the FR is a peach! One of the main things I liked about the car when I owned one. Fuel economy in the low 50s easily achievable, and more if you want to drive like a granny. ;)
  3. BaldyDave

    Bye Bye Ibiza

    Courtesy car? Heck you don't have issues with your new car, do you?
  4. BaldyDave

    Burning smell/strange strong smell

    Mostly agree with what's been said here... I found Seat Customer Services pretty slippery when I dealt with them though... Do agree that they should be able to put extra pressure on the dealer to treat your issue seriously, however.
  5. BaldyDave

    Burning smell and hot exhaust

    Will definitely be the DPF, no need to worry!
  6. BaldyDave

    Dark or Light?

    Anthracite, and below the repeater....
  7. BaldyDave

    Bye Bye Ibiza

    Nice Honda, Matty. I wish you the very best of luck with it. Almost bought a Civic myself earlier this year - though it was a year old 2.2 D-TEC ES, but the dealer just wouldn't give me as good a deal on my FR (over £1,200 short of best deal) so I went elswwhere. They seem really well...
  8. BaldyDave

    New Rad

    Flipping heck! I'm so glad you bought warranty with your car! When I owned the car there was never any coolant leakage.... Like others have said, the rad does seem to be problematic on this model of car with a lot failing on or just beyond the 3 year mark... Only mechanical work I needed to...
  9. BaldyDave


    As has been said, the 1.4 engine is an old model and, although generally solid and reliable, it has the old-world economy of that generation. The economy you indicate seems about right, though if you want a totally accurate fuel economy figure you'll have to do a "brim to brim" manual...
  10. BaldyDave

    Alloy Wheel Plasti Dip

    For a white car, I'd agree that the black wheels would be the best choice... Nice contrast! For any other car colour I can think of at the moment, I'd probably have just stuck with silver! lol
  11. BaldyDave

    Customised my alloys!

    Very well executed, I am not 100% sold on the wheels, but everything else is great! If you are happy with the results, well that's the main thing.
  12. BaldyDave

    Boot Rattle

    Greasing the seat hinges and locks would be a BIG long-shot, but as long as you are careful with the lubricant it's worth a try, I guess. I just ended up ignoring the noise! Think it was most probably coming from inside the tail gate, but despite carefully securing all visible cables inside...
  13. BaldyDave

    Boot Rattle

    Yeah I had the same thing with my FR! Never got to the bottom of why it happened despite taking everything out of the boot - including the spare wheel and raised boot flooring (the polystryene foam stuff). Came to the conclusion that it must have either been the rear seat hinges or the seat...
  14. BaldyDave

    can i send car back for not doing mpg?

    If you are convinced that something's not right with the economy, I recommend you book it into a Seat dealer and ask them to look into it. Could be a dodgy sensor or something. If they say the car is fine, then the chances are that it's either your driving style or the environment you are...
  15. BaldyDave

    Spare wheel

    Yep you are confusing low profile tyres with wide tyres... Deano has a point IMO. It's all about the tyre contact area and the amount of weight that the car applies on it... The wider a tyre is, the more difficult it is to shift water from under it which ultimitely can cause aquaplaning if the...
  16. BaldyDave

    Windscreen cracked

    That's a bummer! A lot of insurance companies let you claim for a replacement windscreen without affecting any NCD. I'm sure my insurance does...will have to go check this now! If they saying that you won't get an extra year's NCD for the current period of insurance, but you won't lose any...
  17. BaldyDave

    Burning smell/strange strong smell

    It would have helped if I could spell investigatory! haha :rolleyes:
  18. BaldyDave

    Spare wheel

    Nothing to do with how low profile a tyre is when confronted with bad weather, it's to do with the type of tyre you have fitted to the rims... If it's winter weather you are talking about, you get some winter tyres fitted. :)
  19. BaldyDave

    Burning smell/strange strong smell

    Sounds as if your dealer is at least doing the right thing with the warranty work... My local Seat dealer charges for all investagory work if they don't find a fault that they can claim under the warranty. Part of the reason I now own a Kia! lol
  20. BaldyDave

    Spare wheel

    Call me cautious, but if it's marked as 50MPH max I'd stick to that. It's just intended for temporary use as you know. Sorry, know this is not the answer you are looking for!
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