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  1. Create your perfect warm hatch small family car using parts from any manufacturer in the last 3 years

    Lol. I've been driving for nearly 18 years and all I've owned are Seats. 3 Ibizas, 1 exeo and now a leon. I do appreciate cars in general though that's why I came up with my list to make what I think is the ultimate mid range/warm hatch. The thing with hot hatches like the cupra and rs3 etc they...
  2. Moving from a golf to a leon

    I've not been in the golf GTI but you would find the interior a slight downgrade and would probably notice a bit more road noise. I still find the Leon interior to be of good overall quality and well put together. Mine is 3 years old and no creaking from plastics at nearly 17k, whereas I had a...
  3. Create your perfect warm hatch small family car using parts from any manufacturer in the last 3 years

    Looks: Mazda 3 current gen or last gen both look great to me. Mk7.5 golf prob 2nd for me Interior: current gen mazda 3 or a close second current gen BMW 1 series Chassis: current focus or 1 series. Both are very well regarded. Engine: Honda 1.5 vtec turbo. I'd have the American SI version but...
  4. FR 150 remap?

    Which insurer is that?
  5. FR 150 remap?

    Generic maps are fine when using well known versions like Revo, Apr etc. I used custom code on my old ibiza and that was a nice map. The only problem is they don't take condition of the car into account. On a car like my current Leon that's only done 17k that will work fine for quite a while...
  6. FR 150 remap?

    I've had some quotes from various companies in East Sussex and most quoted £375 for a custom map. If you're near London AMD technik are a good reputable company near Blue Water in Essex if that's the right side of London for you. You mentioned Northampton, not that far away in Peterborough Jabba...
  7. Best sports exhaust for MK3 Cupra 290 ST??

    Have you looked into the possibility of a custom exhaust? You might find it cheaper in price, I did. I have had 2 in the past on ibiza's. The first one was a powerflow exhaust. It was very loud and boomy. I learned from that experience when I got my next one put on my old 2003 ibiza sport 130...
  8. Seat Leon Running cost

    Although mine isn't an fr I have the same engine. My trip computer shows me averaging 48mpg. I tend to get get between 450-500 miles from a tank and use either tesco momentum 99 or standard esso most the time. The most I have got is 515. I'm pretty sure they hold 50 litres of fuel.
  9. OBDeleven modifications

    Just wondering if odb11 would enable me to change driving profiles on my Leon excellence tech in the same way you can an fr just using the interior button to select eco, normal, sport etc? Or does my car simply not possess this ability at all?
  10. Esso synergy supreme or BP ultimate petrol?

    So did he ever mention how much different the additive package was compared to standard shell vs v power? I finally managed to fill up with tesco momentum today at 109.9, my nearest shell is 112.9 for standard fuel and 125.9 for v power. I could have got esso supreme for 116.9.
  11. Esso synergy supreme or BP ultimate petrol?

    The point is the super fuels contain better cleaning agents with most brands. So unless it's cheaper using something like redex as an additive then you won't get the same cleaning benefits. I know the higher octane won't make much difference to my car unless it was remapped.
  12. Esso synergy supreme or BP ultimate petrol?

    Yes I know Shell Vpower is king in petrol and my normal go to is tesco momentum. My problem is that my local tesco doesn't seem to be supplying momentum since lock down and I'm now running out of fuel. My nearest shell is a bit of a drive and also their standard fuel is more than the current...
  13. How to Identify a 130 and 150 PS Leon?

    This works for me. Very useful when it's time to look for my Mrs next car.
  14. Swapping stock turbo for a hybrid turbocharger on 1.4tsi which other internals need upgrading?

    I would say that the OP would need to change the clutch. If you put a bigger turbo on you should get the car remapped preferably custom rolling road remap. After that I doubt the standard clutch will be able to handle the new bhp and torque.
  15. Swapping stock turbo for a hybrid turbocharger on 1.4tsi which other internals need upgrading?

    This sort of thing was done regularly with those engines. My brother put a stage 2 hybrid turbo on his Leon cupra 150 and got about 225 bhp. I just mapped my 130 with custom code and got 182 bhp.
  16. Remap vs box

    Rather than revo maybe look at a custom map. Could be cheaper and custom to your car. You have good tuners around an hour to 1.5 hours away. Rs tuning in Leeds, jabba sport in Peterborough (used to be big in these forums) I'm sure there is a good one in Nottingham but can't remember the name. P...
  17. 99 Ron Fuel

    Im not sure about how long it will take to breakdown but on premium fuel being at riak i noticed my local tesco had no 99 ron momentum the other day when i went to fill up. I wonder if they will even bother to get more in as they probably feel 95 ron is more important to the majority of people.
  18. 1.5TSI EVO Tuning

    Just a thought. I wonder if it is possible for a tuner to write a custom map straight onto a tuning box like the one BigJase88 has fitted in the same way you would removing the ecu?
  19. Hi

    Hi there, From what I can tell STM are based in USA so I'm not sure if many on here will have heard of them. I did see that they offer a stage 2 map for an audi s3 that looked expensive. Here in the UK for a generic map APR and Revo tend to be favourites. Revo would take it to about 350-370...
  20. 1.5TSI EVO Tuning

    Who knows? I hope so. It would be great to know for all those with the engine and for people like me who might want one in the future. Unfortunately unless more people on forums like this get it done we won't know. Ive not seen any postings of the 1.5tsi getting custom tuned on any Google...
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