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  1. militarymad

    New 2020 OEM Quality Chrome Car Badges (Group buy)

    Hi, I paid on the 29th but am not on the list? (militarymad x 1 - paid in full)
  2. militarymad

    New 2020 OEM Quality Chrome Car Badges (Group buy)

    1. Syphon 2. BigJase88 (paid for by the forum for being the first to guess what it was) 3. Lozzy15 4. Legojon 5. Ian Sturgess 6. Jimbobcook 7. The Daily Meme 8. John Relf 9. Oliver Pawley 10. Nathan Penney 11. Jimbobcook No2 12. jdmsx 13. CalJames 14. Damo H 15. Damo H No2 16. icestorm81 17...
  3. militarymad

    Ibiza FR Mudflaps, Thoughts/ Feedback?

    Hi, same problem for the 2016 Cupra, SEAT don't supply mudflaps for the rear, very strange
  4. militarymad

    Tyre pressures

    My 2016 Ibiza Cupra 1.8TSi has 215/40 R17 wheels/tyres (factory standard), the filler cap states that the tyre pressures should be 39psi Front and 33psi Rear with up to 3 persons and luggage. For 5 persons and luggage the tyre pressures are much higher.
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