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  1. Jamiex17

    What New Tyres 1.9 TDI FR

    Falken FK430 I think I'd what I have, £100 a corner and brill in all weather
  2. Jamiex17

    New Car?!?

    You mean 'common' ones haha VxR Astra/Corsa, fiesta's & focus ST/RS are common as muck At the moment
  3. Jamiex17

    New Car?!?

    Golf GTD mk6 is nice if you want eco miles if not that fussed go for S3 or K1?
  4. Jamiex17

    Finally got an Ibiza again!

    Good for you mate:) looking forward to a build, you got a link to your old build of mk3:)?
  5. Jamiex17

    My MK4 Ibiza Cupra after a claybar clean

    Nice looking cupra, not keen on bonnet bra's but still smart
  6. Jamiex17

    Resprey of mk 4

    Thanks for that bit info didn't think to strip it out first to save some :)
  7. Jamiex17

    Resprey of mk 4

    Thanks guys:)
  8. Jamiex17

    Resprey of mk 4

    How much would this cost does anyone know? And does anyone recommend any places? Can't find a white turbo'd mk4 so this seems like next best bet:/
  9. Jamiex17

    Wanted: White Fr or Blue Fr

    If anyone know someone willing to sell one that would be great:/
  10. Jamiex17

    REVO Candy White mk4 FR - FOR SALE

    Love this:) need to find one ASAP:( and what you looking to get outta stage 2?
  11. Jamiex17

    Wanted: White Fr or Blue Fr

    I thought so, not really wanting a cupra tho as its like 500 extra insurance:/
  12. Jamiex17

    Wanted: White Fr or Blue Fr

    Haha ibiza stalker and hunt her down:) ( late reply was overseas)
  13. Jamiex17

    Wanted: White Fr or Blue Fr

    Way to pricey and cupra didn't come in white (i dont think)so must be painted:/
  14. Jamiex17

    Wanted: White Fr or Blue Fr

    No not wanting to paint or wrap car
  15. Jamiex17

    Kevin's Bagged MK4 Beeza 1.8 20VT FR

    Looking at a ibiza the same as this, the cupra wheels look great, would be nice to even do half what you've done, looks really smart;)
  16. Jamiex17

    Wanted: White Fr or Blue Fr

    I know:/
  17. Jamiex17

    Wanted: White Fr or Blue Fr

    As far as I can understand im in the right section to post this, if not sorry. Im looking to buy a Fr 1.8T or 1.9 TDi in Candy White or Brisa blue (darker blue on FL). cant find any on Pistonhead, autotrader, ebay.
  18. Jamiex17

    2007 seat ibiza formula sport headllights

    Don't see what being Scottish has to do with this, ether way hid are a good upgrade but I had upgraded halogen bulbs in my ibiza, pure white and for the sake of £5 each it was cheaper and compared to a pals hids and a Audi lights there were pretty good, hid are really good but just make sure...
  19. Jamiex17

    MK4 Ibiza Cupra Bumper Needed PLZ...

    Cupra is different to fr, slightly.
  20. Jamiex17

    Back Bumper

    eBay or seat accessory shop but think seat want over price for it, your better getting the full think tho as the exhaust hanger is off the crash bar, and it looks nice IMO
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