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  1. New Leon Owner

    We traded our Scirocco in for a 1.4 petrol and saved a fortune!! Welcome and good luck with the new car !!
  2. Rns510

    Get onto the Golf MKV GTI Forum there are some real experts on there who know these units inside out. I`m sure you will have the answer within five mins
  3. Memory Cards

    Going to get one for the wifes crimble ...she can put all her Westlife Boyzone drivel on the one card then !!
  4. Media System 'AUX' input

    Yeah we got the cables with ours ad that was just a week ago ,so you should be fine. Andy,hope yours isn't ordered at VERVE:confused:
  5. Needle Sweep

    Does the near side mirror tilt downwards on selecting reverse ? If so can this too be coded to work ??
  6. Puncture

    Thanks ANDY Got the best deal from The dealer !!!! £110 fitted !!!!
  7. Needle Sweep

    I've got VAGCOM so will probably have a go at mine in the next day or two !! Don't like the horn peep it's too much like Florida car rentals,not having that !!!!
  8. Puncture

    Thanks they are about the same as Camskill !!
  9. Key Fob not working

    Yeah the light was coming on but fairly faint !!
  10. Puncture

    The screw is more or less right on the edge of the tread where the tyre begins to curve onto the sidewall.To be honest I`m just going to get a new one Camskill are doing them for £105 for the 18" versions!!So looks like a phone call to them tomorrow
  11. Puncture

    Thanks for the advice I will try to see what I can do
  12. Key fob problems....

    Did u put the new battery in the right way round!! Surprisingly it makes a difference
  13. My SC FR is here...

    Alcantara too !!! Your spec is amazingly similar to ours however we went for Alor blue.as everyone has been saying they seem to be a rare sight on the roads despite being car of the year 2013 !!
  14. Puncture

    Well had the new car less than one week less than 100 miles on the lock and now picked up a nail/screw in the front near side tyre.Its right on the shoulder so really not repairable.Contacted the dealer but not the salesman ( yet) they are giving me 10% off a new tyre not exactly great saving...
  15. My SC FR is here...

    Nice ours has the same titanium pack however one of our tyres has a puncture!!!!! Less than 100 miles on the car and tyres fu***d screw in the shoulder !!!! Hope you have better luck !!!!
  16. Whats it worth faulty rns510

    Think if the dealer was replacing it they would want the old one on an exchange basis. Got to ask yourself why do they not have the code for it either????? Alarm bells are ringing with me !!! Buy it and it will burn your fingers !!!
  17. Key Fob not working

    Battery mine was the same replaced the battery and hey presto fine!!!
  18. Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta Tyres

    I have them in 19" versions on the Scirocco,never had any problems with them.great in the dry and just as good in the wet.Seem to be wearing well too put them on last year and have done about 6k miles,still seems at least half tread left!
  19. newbie ayrshire

    Welcome to the Ayrshire massive !!!!!
  20. She's finally here!

    Great colour we ordered one last weekend in 1.4TFSI FR guise.Hopefully get it n a couple of weeks time ! Just wondering about the engine size,don't know how it will feel coming down from a 2.0 TSI Scirocco. It's for the wife so surely it will be fast enough lol !!!!!
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