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  1. dawson86

    lock set

    broke my key and did not have a spare, i have another lock set including ignition barrel, my question is? do i need the matching ecu to the keys? if so is it the engine ecu or a seperate control module? any help appreciated
  2. dawson86

    whats it worth? wat should i do?

    yer i kno no excuse for it but the last month ahs been ****! and obviously its gonna get worse, i will be paying the price for it big time! and trust me when i say! i have learned my lesson, the paramedic was surprised to see me standing next to the car when they arrived! cheers for replying
  3. dawson86

    whats it worth? wat should i do?

    yer a little, spent 12hrs in cell bailed until dec pending blood results no need to say anymore other than i am very disapointed in myself!
  4. dawson86

    whats it worth? wat should i do?

    unfortunately i have killed my beloved cupra 180! lamp posts at 60mph dont lay flat for you to drive over, what i wanna kno is if the car is worth breaking for parts to sell or sell the lot as is, bearing in mind the battery and housing ended up in passangers footwell, and the air filter was sat...
  5. dawson86

    South East members list

    mike black leon cupra 180 bury st eds
  6. dawson86

    Boost gauge fitted, boost leak?

    standard the auq engine should boost just above 10 then drop to 10
  7. dawson86

    Car advice

    everyone forgets that seats and a steering wheel are very neccessary
  8. dawson86

    Decatting you're Leon? Save £55

    lol good to see some one else with a contact in the mot world! touch wood i haven't needed a snide one.... yet
  9. dawson86

    Decatting you're Leon? Save £55

    :lol: too tru, so that £30 for mot and around £200 for a new cat??
  10. dawson86


    haha small water stain on passengers seat, covered with copius amount of man fat more like
  11. dawson86

    PVC question

    is it the crank case breather hose your looking for?
  12. dawson86

    Air Noise *VIDEO ADDED*

    odd one. not a clue then i'm affraid, sorry bud
  13. dawson86

    Air Noise *VIDEO ADDED*

    not quite a fiver at the min but here is pretty much what i got http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SEAT-LEON-CUPRA-99-05-BRAKE-SERVO-VACUMN-PIPE-/271040237360?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f1b41cf30
  14. dawson86

    Air Noise *VIDEO ADDED*

    just listened to vid, thats exactly what it sounded like, behind the area where dump valve is against the bulk head is a stiff plastic pipe which heads towards drivers side where the brake servo is, i had a tiny split in the pipe and previous owne had botched with tape,
  15. dawson86

    Air Noise *VIDEO ADDED*

    mine was a bust brake servo hose, only made the noise when turning engine off, easy fix, got a whole pipe set from flea bay for about a fiver
  16. dawson86

    Found a split pipe - but what pipe is it?

    very similar to the one i got, fits nice
  17. dawson86

    Found a split pipe - but what pipe is it?

    i believe thats the crank case breather hose? easy to replace, get a silicone one from ebay, mine was around 25 quid, u will prob need a couple more clips too
  18. dawson86

    Can I adjust the pedals.....causing leg strain

    i'm 4'7 and have wooden blocks taped to the pedals so i can reach with the seat as far forward as it goes
  19. dawson86

    aircon knackered

    i have had my air con re gassed today, turns out the compressor pump has gone? anyone know the best place to get one without being robbed? cheers in advance
  20. dawson86

    Changing the head unit on a standard Leon Cupra R.

    i got the fasia and wiring kit from ebay for about £13 in a set works a treat,
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