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  1. Leon1600s

    Leon Cupra R (Mk1, modified) Won't Start

    Checked / Tried a known good cam position sensor? These can prevent starting. Probably a way to check through vagcom - hopefully someone more clued up can let you know about this one.
  2. Leon1600s

    Running rich, MOT emissions failure.

    Thermostat will be stuck open, common issue. Stuck open = never up to full temp = running rich to compensate. There's loads of info on here about how to replace, it is a bit fiddly but not too bad. Have a look at the info on the coolant temp sensor on here also. They can be an issue if it's...
  3. Leon1600s

    new cupra r

    Gutted for you mate, but I'm sure you'll have it sorted soon. Looking at your sump in the pictures above, there seems to me an awful lot of sealant squeezed out of the side. That shouldn't happen, it only needs a thin bead of sealant to seal it. If I was you, while you have it all in pieces...
  4. Leon1600s

    how many miles has everybody done??

    Just passed 100k. Treating it to a cam belt and water pump, thermostat (again), aux belt, brake fluid change, and I've just done the cam chain tensioner as it was rattling when hot. Fitting it all myself so hopefully all goes well!
  5. Leon1600s

    How Much Brake Fluid?

    Hi Guys, Had a search but can't find the answer, though I'm sure i've seen it on here before. I'm going to be changing my brake fluid this week, how much do I need? I have 1.5L in my head for some reason but don't want to be short! P.S. It's a Cupra R but I doubt it makes much difference.
  6. Leon1600s

    Which bulbs?

    I have changed mine to LED and I feel that there is less light output, albeit it looks nicer due to being a better colour. The issue is the 'tip' of the bulb points 90 degrees to the direction the light comes out of the unit. With a normal bulb this isn't an issue as light is spread in all...
  7. Leon1600s

    What tyres do you guys run?

    How do you find the Uniroyals compare? I'm running Vreds at the moment and can't fault them, but I've only had budgets on prior to these (came on the car).
  8. Leon1600s

    Strange button?

    Button for a traffic master system. It's a sat nav i think. Got one in mine, took the rest of it our as i never used it. I believe it was an option but I'm not certain.
  9. Leon1600s

    Radio Trim

    Assuming you have a single DIN: Take the ash tray out by opening it and taking the screw out. This reveals two torx screws to remove. Remove the radio, this reveals another 2 torn screws to remove. Then it should just pop off, it is held on with hidden clips so may need a bit of a pull...
  10. Leon1600s

    New Owner

    Welcome! I'm in Bracknell so just a stone's throw away!
  11. Leon1600s

    Advice Required - MK1 AMK Cupra R

    When one coil pack goes, the rest tend to follow. They don't always throw a code when partially failing. I'd start by changing the remaining coil packs and check the spark plugs while you're at it. If that does't fix it, it could be the N75 valve giving up. Have you had it on VCDS to check for...
  12. Leon1600s

    2 Identical Stage 1 LCR's why is one so much faster?

    How old is the forge valve and has it ever been serviced? They're known to leak.
  13. Leon1600s

    My Bagged CupraR, Centrelocks + Huge Brakes

    I cannot wait to see this at UD! Amazing car and workmanship!
  14. Leon1600s

    Could someone tell me what this is please?

    Forge do a service kit which comes with everything you need, from memory it's only about £15. Well worth it in my eyes to prevent/cure a leak.
  15. Leon1600s

    Could someone tell me what this is please?

    Probably worth servicing the forge dv, it looks like it's been on a while.
  16. Leon1600s

    Bagged Orange CupraR

    Ah yes, makes sense! Clearly I wouldn't have thought of that and would have ended up painting them! :lol:
  17. Leon1600s

    Bagged Orange CupraR

    Amazing the difference painting the callipers makes. You're missing the dust covers from your bleed nipples though ;)
  18. Leon1600s

    House Burgled - Spare Keys stolen

    Very weird! Maybe mine is somehow sync'd with the immo but not the alarm?
  19. Leon1600s

    House Burgled - Spare Keys stolen

    I've had a go with my spare key today, it's just a key, no buttons. You can unlock the boot but only the boot with the boot lock. With the drivers door lock you can unlock the drivers door only. However (good news) the alarm was still armed so opening the boot or drivers door triggered the...
  20. Leon1600s

    Oil Filler cap thingy ! (The attachment to the oil cap )

    You can run with out, no mods needed. Cap just goes straight onto the rocker cover. I'd check nothing has broken off the filler neck and potentially dropped into the engine, mine was really tight and stiff to get off.
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