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  1. Curtiz

    My 2007 Seat Ibiza FR TDI

    After having to get new passenger door locking mechanism (locked itself shut and wouldn't open), new upper gearbox mount and new engine mount, car is now driving much nicer and smoother. Expensive though Gave the car a good clean along with my brothers Leon last weekend
  2. Curtiz

    Sam's Candy White Ibiza 2007 Cupra

    I'm running a Milltek TBE with decat and Revo map and no issues (FR TDI)
  3. Curtiz

    My 2007 Seat Ibiza FR TDI

    Got cupra wing mirror caps (thanks David in SERE), painted calipers and hubs (thanks for mentioning micky!), Milltek TBE (big thankyou to cupra.al), tinted my repeaters, lamin x on rear lights, alpine speakers all round, alpine H/U and BBS CV's. Probably some other stuff that I cant remember...
  4. Curtiz

    Diesel oil consumption

    I check my oil every two weeks but never seems to use any (admittedly I don't do many miles or drive hard though)
  5. Curtiz

    Are the front and rear standard speakers the same???

    Funny you say this, I just got my speakers replaced. Main reason was my driver door speaker stopped working but tweeter worked fine. Strange that
  6. Curtiz

    Speakers on Alana head unit

    I honestly haven't a clue matey sorry :(. I would assume most would as long as you get the right stalk adaptor and lead but can't confirm
  7. Curtiz

    Speakers on Alana head unit

    Obviously you will need a Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, etc. specific one if you do change headunit but for my Alpine I got https://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/connects2-alpine-stalk-adaptor http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/ctsst002-2-stalk-adapter-for-seat-ibiza-toledo-leon-altea-05 FYI. I know...
  8. Curtiz

    Speakers on Alana head unit

    I recently got Alpine Type E's with tweeters in the front and just the speakers for the rear but also got an Alpine h/u fitted at the same time and the sound difference is huge (admittedly I had a blown speaker too previously). The guy who fitted my headunit said the Alana unit is pants...
  9. Curtiz

    How to: Sticky boot badge

    I hope to give this a try over summer. I asked this exact question about a week ago, thanks for this!
  10. Curtiz

    Change time on clock

    I can't remember exactly but I think I pulled the we needle thingy for the miles towards me and turned to the left
  11. Curtiz

    Ibiza speaker recommendations...

    Had Alpine Type R's with components in my old civic that's cost about £130 and a Pioneer headunit which all got stolen about 10 days after being fitted so I wouldn't be spending a fortune on ICE anymore cause that bought a tear to my eye lol. As long as the Type E's are better than standard I'll...
  12. Curtiz

    Ibiza speaker recommendations...

    I just got Alpine Headunit along with Alpine Type E Speakers front and rear (with front tweeters) cause the standard system was awful and I blew a speakers about a year ago, couldn't stand it anymore. Hopefully getting everything fitted in about 2 weeks. Was £50 for front speakers with tweeters...
  13. Curtiz

    MK4 Ibiza Rear Boot Badge

    Sorry to bring up an old thread but I'm hoping to take my badge off to change its colour and was wondering while its off is there anything I can do to make the badge sit flush with the boot lid when you open the boot? When I pull the S to open the boot, I have to push the bottom of it down to...
  14. Curtiz

    License plate lights

    Exact same thing happened to me Heron. I ended up just leaving the standard lights before I broke something lol :(
  15. Curtiz

    Tom_H's Mk4 Ibiza 1.8 20VT (Picture heavy)

    Beautiful car, just read the whole thread. Great work :)
  16. Curtiz

    ISO adapter for ALL facelift models ('04 onwards)

    I have an 07 FR TDI and am going to buy an Alpine HU this week Am I right in thinking I need both of the following parts? Im pretty lost http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/connects2-alpine-stalk-adaptor http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/ctsst002-2-stalk-adapter-for-seat-ibiza-toledo-leon-altea-05
  17. Curtiz

    Diesel remaps

    Don't hear many bad things about Autotune. I'm sure you can't go wrong with them I have Revo on mine and anytime I do anything, I message Steven at Performance360 and he gets me a new tweeked map. £60 each time I get a tweek but I love the Revo map. You tell him your mods and he gets a map to...
  18. Curtiz

    Wind deflectors

    I fitted the metal clips to mine but after about 2 weeks I noticed I had lost 2 of them somewhere, still sturdy though and my friend fitted Heko's to his ep3 and never used a clip about 2 years ago and they are still on
  19. Curtiz

    Looking for 17" fr alloys

    No. Facelift FR's had the 17's as in picture by OP :)
  20. Curtiz

    Insurance - remapping cupra tdi

    Age - 24 Car - Ibiza PD130 FR NCB - 6 years Before - £?? After - £429 Never done a quote without the map (sorry) but got the map a week before my insurance and it was cheap enough so declared it, along with my coilovers and spacers. That's with Greenlight
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