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  1. matthewbentham

    led bulbs

    I've tried using LED bulbs for sidelights but their low power consumption, the car's ECU thinks the bulb has blown (a light appears on the dash) and therefore cuts power to them. I've got these...
  2. matthewbentham

    Filler for Alloys? Damage question! ?

    i've used this stuff many times for when I've done alloy repairs. http://www.smartrepairsupplies.co.uk/epages/es112600.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es112600_shop/Products/actgel squeeze it in, spray on the activator, wait 2 mins, then sand down and paint.
  3. matthewbentham

    Fitting a subwoofer in a Leon Mk2

    don't use a screwdriver to prise off the trim as this will damage it. Use a wide plastic lever or proper trim removal tool (search Amazon or eBay. they're about £3-5) to install a sub, it's best if you have an aftermarket headunit (Pioneer, Kenwood etc) as these will usually have a dedicated...
  4. matthewbentham

    What you need to install an aftermarket stereo in Mk2 Leon

    You need the mk5 golf fascia adaptor to go in between the SEAT satnav surround and your choice of headunit. the mk5 golf fascia adaptors are for either single or double din units, it depends on what you're putting in.
  5. matthewbentham

    AVIC F900BT system fitted by Seat Dealer- Opinions please !

    That's my Pioneer headunit. Another reason it sticks out is due to the curve of the dash. Also as this unit does quite a lot of things, the unit itself is going to be bigger than othe double din units and there's a lot wires on the back of it and not much space to put them in. I've gotten used...
  6. matthewbentham

    Tdi FR 18'' Alloy Kerbed

    give ChipsAway a call on 0800 028 7878 and give them your postcode and they will find you the nearest ChipsAway operator to you. Matt
  7. matthewbentham

    Freeview TV in your cupra

    you could do. but why woiuld you want to wire up your laptop? so you can surf the net on a smaller screen?!?! if you want to surf the net in your car, then get a 'car'puter. just type that in on eBay and you'll get what you want
  8. matthewbentham

    Freeview TV in your cupra

    it is a separate box in the boot.
  9. matthewbentham

    Freeview TV in your cupra

    I have a freeview tuner in my car but unless you are near to a digital transmitter you won't get a good signal. I live in Coventry and had to drive to Sutton Coldfield to set it up as the transmitter nearest me isn't transmitting a digital signal until 2011. Also as the some transmitters are...
  10. matthewbentham

    What you need to install an aftermarket stereo in Mk2 Leon

    the SEAT sat-nav surround just clips in. The Mk5 Golf fascia adaptor will need 4 screws to hold it in place tho. I just used some screws I found in my garage.
  11. matthewbentham

    Tdi FR 18'' Alloy Kerbed

    ask your local paint shop or ChipsAway agent for this colour. also ask to see a colour chip sample and put it next to a clean part of your wheel to compare the colours
  12. matthewbentham

    Tdi FR 18'' Alloy Kerbed

    For Cupra or FR wheels, I've found that the following paint matches very well Renault - Gris Brancard I've repaired a Cupra wheel using this colour and it's very very difficult to see any difference
  13. matthewbentham

    Fuel (Petrol cars only)

    I've had my Cupra since Sep 2007 and have used V-Power every time except on 2 occasions where I had to use BP Ultimate 'cos there was no Shell nearby. I also fill my work van up at shell so i get even more points. I got a £14 fuel voucher last statement!! Also a Shell credit card gets you...
  14. matthewbentham

    What you need to install an aftermarket stereo in Mk2 Leon

    you can set it up so you can watch+drive. you just need to connect the handbrake cable to a good earthing point. you should be able to find a suitable place behind the stereo (DISCLAIMER: The above is for your information only. It's up to you if go ahead and wire it like that. I cannot...
  15. matthewbentham

    What you need to install an aftermarket stereo in Mk2 Leon

    you will need the adapter as how else are you going to connect the stereo to the car? just save up a bit more and get all the items at once
  16. matthewbentham

    Touch up for slightly kerbed FR 18" wheel?

    Don't go to a dealer for paint. They will charge you loads for touch-up paint. You're best going to a specialist paint shop or give your local ChipsAway guy a call and ask to buy some paint from him. Matt
  17. matthewbentham

    What you need to install an aftermarket stereo in Mk2 Leon

    the reverse gear and speed pulse connectors are for navigation units. this is so the vehicle can tell the navi unit whether the car is going forward or backwards and generates a speed pulse so you can navigate if there is no GPS signal like in a tunnel
  18. matthewbentham

    What you need to install an aftermarket stereo in Mk2 Leon

    with my steering wheel controls I can: change tracks fast forward or rewind tracks change volume mute the sound I cannot change functions (CD to radio etc) tho like on original stereo
  19. matthewbentham

    888 Astra cdti Vs Leon FR TDI 2.0 Remapped

    the astra vxr was awful on top gear track. understeering at lot a chicago. so this astra could be similar. also in last years BTCC, the Leon was much better through the twisty tracks (and in the wet) than the vectra and those cars are approx £200,000+ each!!
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