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  1. Rajraj

    What did you and your MK2 do today?

    Unfurtunatly scraped right front wheel when i was parking near the sidewalk. Never ever hasitate when parking......so angry at myselft atm! Skickat från min D5803 via Tapatalk
  2. Rajraj

    Q: Cupra alloys / Wich bolts?

    My mistake from Sweden... About to buy Spacers and need longer bolts thats why. Thnx richi Skickat från min D5803 via Tapatalk
  3. Rajraj

    Q: Cupra alloys / Wich bolts?

    Anyone know if the original wheel bolts for mk2 pre face Cupra Alloys 18" are Coned or tapered?:confused:
  4. Rajraj

    Longer wheel bolt.. Help needed please!

    Hi, just about to order spacers but are the wheel bolts conical or Spherical original? Having the Org Cupra 18" for Pre Fl 1P.
  5. Rajraj

    U V Sun shades

    Just a question. Did you do this for getting the tinted look? Im about to get the Windows tinted but this seems to be a nice alternative. :) Skickat från min D5803 via Tapatalk
  6. Rajraj

    Turbo/Air intake noises

    My Cupra 1P has a fjuttering sound from the turbo when i accelerating. But mine is Stage 1 also. Skickat från min D5803 via Tapatalk
  7. Rajraj

    15mm wheel spacers on front of leon fr ?

    Ive got the standard 18 so will go for 10mm in front. Ive read that 15 mm in the back will Do it. Someone tried Eibach spacers? Pretty cheap on Ebay.de.
  8. Rajraj

    15mm wheel spacers on front of leon fr ?

    Did u take any picture?
  9. Rajraj

    k1 middle silencer removal

    Sounds value for the money. Thnx AlexK1
  10. Rajraj

    k1 middle silencer removal

    Im thinking about doing this But none of the videos in this thread is working. Could you who Have done this upload a video? :)
  11. Rajraj

    Exhaust question!!

    Wich one Did u go for?
  12. Rajraj

    P2425 VAG Error

    Pcv valve. Pretty comon on this motor. Have thesame problem on my Cupra. If you feel that the car behave strange then you need to fix it. But ive been driven mine since June -14. Mine has som kind of leek, like the valve doesnt tight all the times.
  13. Rajraj

    Best 'hidden' tricks

    What ive foud out is that they heat up for about 10-15 min. Everytime you start. (I think it was like that). :)
  14. Rajraj

    Cupra exhaust options

    Cant you try to record with something better? Its a good price for tjat exhaust :P
  15. Rajraj

    Cupra exhaust options

    No offence, but that sounds like a tractor or like a Volvo 740 with straight pipes. :eek:
  16. Rajraj

    Cupra exhaust options

    First my choice was Milltek, but read on the forum that people experienced that it was bad quality for the money and Bcs was/is better and a little bit cheaper. Havent got one yet, need to sort the Twin exhaust valance first :).
  17. Rajraj

    Cupra exhaust options

    Bcs is a good option. Try YouTube.com for soundclips. Or just the search funktion :)
  18. Rajraj

    panic stations! cupra 2008

    Or an USB. My 2008 cupra only has USB under the passenger seat.
  19. Rajraj

    Seat Leon FR MK2 Lowering Issues - Tips/Advice?

    Why? To have a reason to buy new shoes to the Leon?:S
  20. Rajraj

    HELP!!! Droplinks/Cracked

    Shiiiiiiet :mad: Okej thanks for the reply.... New droplinks then.
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