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  1. Hugo Nebula

    Should I have added the extras?

    TBH, I think heated seats are a bit of a novelty. Unless you have a garage to start the car and leave it running for ten minutes before you set off (or live in an area with absolutely NO crime), by the time they warm the seats, the chill has gone. I agree with you about the headlight washers...
  2. Hugo Nebula

    Second hand car values

    Thanks; I've PM'ed you with the details.
  3. Hugo Nebula

    Second hand car values

    Does anyone know which is the best (i.e., most accurate) used car valuation site? I've been through the usual suspects (the AA, Parkers, WhatCar, etc), but they give varying values, all of which are much higher than I've been offered by dealers. Is there any site that's known to be close to...
  4. Hugo Nebula

    Leon 2015 model year changes

    Why? I've owned a version without & 2 with; with, it's easy to drop a gear or two at roundabouts or to overtake with a flick of the left hand and to return it to D with a press and hold with the right, but without, I had to move the gearstick to M and use the lever up and down. Much more...
  5. Hugo Nebula

    Leon 2015 model year changes

    I should think so too! Has anyone ever ordered one without paddles!?
  6. Hugo Nebula

    When to replace brake pads?

    I took my car in for a service this week, and the dealer said that the front brake pads were down to 5mm. I would have preferred to leave it until my MOT is due at the end of August, but they suggested they may not last until then, so I reluctantly agreed to book it in for for next month...
  7. Hugo Nebula

    Have I had the wrong tyres fitted?

    I thought it looked good, and I was going to ask whether it was a real valve cap, but you have saved me from being embarrassed too.:worship:
  8. Hugo Nebula

    Sat Nav not giving correct route

    Firstly to the OP: When I used to travel btwn Liverpool & Bath (i.e., past Gloucester), I'd very rarely use the M6, as the chances of being caught up in a jam was significantly greater than the alternative A-road route. So from Bangor to Gloucester, I would definitely prefer the route through...
  9. Hugo Nebula

    DSG Oil Change

    Page 13 of my service book has it as an additional task every 60,000 km (40,000 miles) except 7-speed DSG's. So irrespective of time. I can't see a listing for a 7-speed DSG; presumably because they are a dry-clutch w/ no oil?
  10. Hugo Nebula

    Any dealers with a Cupra 280 DSG as a test driver?

    As well as the drive, I like to just sit in a car park, fiddle with the controls and the radio, generally have a good look around, and just see if I can get really comfortable and relaxed in the car. I can't do that with someone I don't know in the car with me.
  11. Hugo Nebula

    Any dealers with a Cupra 280 DSG as a test driver?

    A week! That's about the length of time it takes me to get bored of a car! I wouldn't be seen dead in a hoodie. I'm a middle-aged man (when did that happen?), and I was dressed in my best M & S cardie. No, I think it's just Lookers; they're in the business of fleecing pensioners rather than...
  12. Hugo Nebula

    Any dealers with a Cupra 280 DSG as a test driver?

    Are there any dealers, apart from Lookers (see below) in the North West or nearby (so, Stoke, West Yorks, etc.) that have a Cupra 280 DSG available as a test driver? I had a very quick round-the-block go in one in the Lookers showroom in Stockport. I asked about an unaccompanied test drive...
  13. Hugo Nebula

    Mk2 Leon MPG (yawn :D)

    I do, and have done for every car since 2000. I also use the Fuelly app. Once you've set up a spreadsheet, it doesn't take a lot to keep a record. You just have to write your mileage on your receipt, the spreadsheet works out everything for you.
  14. Hugo Nebula

    Front assist query

    Driver assist aids like XDS, ESP, ABS, etc. you mean? How about airbags, servo brakes, seatbelts? The safest car is one with a 2 foot rusty spike in the middle of the steering wheel. You'd really slow down and avoid hitting anything then. However, I happen to think that safety has progressed in...
  15. Hugo Nebula

    Syphon's MK3 Leon Cupra SC DSG

    It happens to me in my white Mk 2.
  16. Hugo Nebula

    Front assist query

    Thanks to those people who contributed helpful and meaningful comments, but you have, of course, failed to observe the question I was asking. I know what the system is meant to do, but my query was asking how it operates. I'd appreciate an answer from those with some knowledge rather than...
  17. Hugo Nebula

    Front assist query

    Does anyone have a Mk 3 w/ Front Assist? I've test driven a Cupra today, and I've previously tested a Golf, and I'm not sure how this works. Is it possible to have it turned on by default, or does it only work when the cruise control is also set? This would only be useful for me (and would...
  18. Hugo Nebula

    Automatic lights always on

    Mine are not always on, but they might well as be. I posted about it a couple of years ago: http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=333867
  19. Hugo Nebula

    DSG gearbox - How to make it longer?

    If your concern is cost (of fuel) vs. time, then you need to have a look at the figures. Assuming that you can drive at a constant 150km/h (obviously not if you live in the UK or any other country with overcrowded roads), then 1000km per week takes you 6.7 hours. Driving at 130km/h takes 7.7...
  20. Hugo Nebula

    V power diesel and the like

    I have tried it in my current car (CR) & a previous VAG PD engine (Skoda Fabia vRS), both times over three fills. Both times it's made virtually no difference in MPG or performance. I've also found no difference between Shell and supermarket diesel.
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