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  1. MK2 Ibiza / Cordoba Pedal box replacement

    Oldish thread but brilliant no less. I have the MK3 Ibiza 2000 1.9 tdi s , and it's clutch pedal box is dying would this method still apply the the MK3 ?
  2. Clutch pedal box compatability.

    Hm, so from asking around at brakers and such alot of people are saying that there are two types of clutch pedal boxes needed, well two variants. One is the cable type and the other is the hydrolic type, does this refer to the actualy box or the clutch ? - Cas' my clutch is hydrolic powered...
  3. coin holder to cup holder.

    Heh this looks interesting.. the ammount of times i've threw coffe all over my dads jeans from conering due to the really terrible cup holders is... well alot lol. Assuming this looks well closed i'll do it, how about modding the exsisting cup colders ? I.e, drill through them to make the two...
  4. Ultimate Clean Interior ( yeah right :D )

    Hey guys and gals , so where all looking for the best way to get our interiors looking better than new, and want to most likely do it the cheapest way we can. I bought my car second hand ( Ibiza Mk3 2000 1.9 tdi s ) and its " rough around the edges " ( and inside too :D ) , so I was wondering...
  5. Clutch pedal box compatability.

    Cheers for the relply, Jason you say whose that o.o ? This problem is annoying lol, replaced master, slave and clutch only to find out it was the clutch pedal box which failed.
  6. Newb

    Will do but it was greyed out :O , probably due to me being a new member.
  7. Clutch pedal box compatability.

    Hey guys and gals, I have the famous clutch pedal box problem and was wondering what clutch pedal boxes are compatible with my seat ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Seat Ibiza 2000 1.9 tdi s
  8. Newb

    Hey guys and gals , new seat driver looking for help and advice on a seat ibiza 2000 1.9 tdi s. Clutch pedal box.[B)]
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