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  1. Leon MII audio system

    Apologies chaps I was wrong. Looking in the FAQ section. If you are a new user, you are temporarily restricted from posting in our For Sale section, adding a signature and making use of the private messaging system. This is to prevent new users abusing the forum, and/or rogue traders scammers...
  2. Leon MII audio system

    I think it's under your profile settings under privacy
  3. Leon MII audio system

    Hello mate. Seems you've blocked private messages.
  4. Leon MII audio system

    If it contains the best of Rolf Harris and Val Doonican I promise I won't post anything about it on here. One quick question. Are you sure there is no digital rights management on the music tracks and that they are definitively MP3, not windows media (wma) or iTunes aac formats? Any kind of DRM...
  5. Leon MII audio system

    Want to post me one of the "duff" discs and I'll have a look ?
  6. Leon MII audio system

    I'm old school and hate paying for anything. I use cdburnerxp and have done for years. Very basic interface but works well. Haven't burnt discs for a while now as I installed a Bluetooth receiver in the glove box hard wired into the input for the aux in so now stream straight from my phone
  7. Leon MII audio system

    For love nor money I couldn't get rewritable discs to work. When I swapped to cd-r's it worked fine. I think the unit it a bit picky, r u sure you finalised the disc once burnt..it cannot be left as an open session
  8. Leon MII audio system

    Just remembered this has been asked before credit to the seat manual
  9. Leon MII audio system

    I believe it should support MP3 discs. No USB or memory card slot. Am on my way to work but will have a look through my manual tonight and leg you know. Finding an online version of the handbook is like searching for the holy grail
  10. Air Conditioning - windscreen fogging up outside

    I believe it's probably because of high humidity outside and the fact your car is cooler on the inside than outside that the misting exists. Totally normal, just a weather phenomenon.
  11. Not a happy bunny. Just trying to save a few quid

    Complete sense of failure today. Managed to change the rear near side discs and pads on my 2007 tfsi FR today, but for love nor money couldn't get the bottom spline bolt for the caliper carrier undone on the offside. 2 hours of kerfaffing, f'ing and jeffing and I've resigned myself to having...
  12. Size matters

    Fantastic cheers
  13. Size matters

    So, I need a hand from my fellow 2.0tfsi FR owners. Across this site and many others I've been trying to find out which discs I need for the rear of my 2007. Giving my vin to sere's says I've got 255 rear discs....Wrong....even with my average measuring skills I'm over 280mm. On this site...
  14. After confirmation before brake change

    I believe I bought a right handed. Are you talking front or rear ? Any who a quick search chucked this up http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=322317
  15. 2007 FR Drivers door lock

    What kind of cost am I looking at, and you wouldn't happen to know part numbers etc? Thanks guys
  16. 2007 FR Drivers door lock

    Yes exactly
  17. 2007 FR Drivers door lock

    Seems to be a bit of a contagion going around at present as looking on the main page there are a ton of new threads regarding door and boot lock issues. And so... To add to the mix. Drivers door locks and unlocks with the key, but does nothing in response to the key fob. All other doors lock and...
  18. MK2 FR TDI DSG (Quick Buyers Advice!)

    Take it for a good drive and try to get a sense for whether it's hunting up and down the gears. Changes up and down should be smooth and its shouldn't really jump up and down the gears unless provoked. Knock the shifter to the left and you can move up and through the gears manually. Worth a...
  19. MK2 FR TDI DSG (Quick Buyers Advice!)

    Dependent on mileage check if it's had a gearbox service £200+ and due every 40k from memory
  20. retro fit RNS315 EU

    Have a peak through here. http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=139255
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