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  1. MK1 cupra R parts

    Great stuff. PayPal for payment?
  2. MK1 cupra R parts

    Hey, Can you supply a quote for the following please: Coolant tank and sensor Windscreen washer tank Original Reg of car is OV04 MWG 2004 (BAM engine code)
  3. New Rear Diffuser Fins

    Wwwwwwwwwwww these are hellish epic, good find. I'm bookmarking his page right now
  4. Mk1 Cupra R 225 best remap?

    What this guy said, there's no other place I would go for a remap. Not only does Bill know the 1.8t engine like the back of his hand, he takes time and reviews his own custom map to suit each individual car and of course not all Cupra Rs' are thr same. Stop hesitating and get a date booked with...
  5. Bridges's Red LCR 225 - Badger 5 Tuned ***Goodies Arrived***

    Well well..... I can't believe I haven't posted in here since October 2015!! Crazy how time goes by when you own a house and have a daughter running about. Well I still have the Cupra R :thumbup: Nothing crazy has happened. In all this time that's all I have done is replace the turbo after the...
  6. Decat Downpipe performace

    You'll get increased torque over bhp with the downpipe
  7. Bridges's Red LCR 225 - Badger 5 Tuned ***Goodies Arrived***

    Hey buddy, again as per my PM sorry for the late reply. Only had a decat section which has beefed up the exhaust note a treat. No fault in their workmanship and never had any issues since visiting there from previous car as well :) Car currently SORN now as I've been working away for the...
  8. Bridges's Red LCR 225 - Badger 5 Tuned ***Goodies Arrived***

    Cheers Tom mate & yeah bit gutting about the milltek decat. It was completely the wrong size, at least 7inches to small which made me think that 1. My catback isn't a Milltek (although receipts show it is) or 2. The milltek 3inch dp is longer in length than the relentless dp I have!! Ah well...
  9. LCR 25mm spacers??

    I wouldn't have thought so but then again I've never had my car with standard suspension! 20mm spacers give a very nice stance if you don't want to risk it. In all honestly if you're going down the route of lowering the car then I'd do that 1st :)
  10. Bridges's Red LCR 225 - Badger 5 Tuned ***Goodies Arrived***

    That is clearly your choice buddy and what your budget is. If you want top quality and can afford it G23 Engineering have an incredible record of making bespoke spacers. The like of H&R and FK I can't comment on as they were 1. out of my price range & 2. I didn't feel they were worth the amount...
  11. Bridges's Red LCR 225 - Badger 5 Tuned ***Goodies Arrived***

    I was well happy with 20mm rears and 15mm up front, good look with them and didn't rub at all, even on coilovers. I currently have 20mm all round now but the fronts poke out a little more than the rears so have been thinking of going back to 15mm up front. Glad the car has inspired you with...
  12. Bridges's Red LCR 225 - Badger 5 Tuned ***Goodies Arrived***

    Thanks for the compliments buddy :D. I'm still on here (not regurlary though) and still got the car too. Unfortunately not had any time or spare money to play with the car after buying my property and renovating it and having my 1st child :) The car needs some tlc though! The clear coat...
  13. D.K's LCR, #Projectcarbon. Still alive

    Those grills....... soooooo much better being gloss black. Looking after this lcr well & truly dude, hands down to ya :)
  14. Airtec intercooler

    I have an airtec and it wasn't that bad....Only had to cut two bits off & that was that. Maybe different instructions for the S3 than the cupra r!!
  15. K04 problems

    I wouldn't hestitate to go with Bill @ Badger5. Check his section on here. With regards to price range it could vary depending how much work is needed and the hourly charge but I'd say you're looking at spending over £1k easily!
  16. Seat Ibiza (6L): Air suspension and more.....SPLITTING/FOR SALE

    Famous last words indeed.....considering you've already started lol!! Ah no worries bro. I haven't made contact with you either considering my hands are pretty full with my own little family now and whatever free time I had has gone completely out the window lol! Will give you a Holla...
  17. Seat Ibiza (6L): Air suspension and more.....SPLITTING/FOR SALE

    Niiiiiiice bro :) Major plans for it like the Ibiza??
  18. Custom 3" turbo back, Mandrel bends made my BoostJunky Motorsport.

    Looks very very good and even better that another company can/could supply a full exhaust system now :)
  19. milage advice

    Well I looked at it again yesterday along with the service manual and it's been serviced every 10K miles plus the timing belt was done at 67k so I wouldnt hesitate to get it with that mileage. However I do feel it's overprived at just over £9k (cash only) p/x was more + I know I'll only get...
  20. milage advice

    Am I able to post a link? See what you guys think? Thanks for all the info though and with regards to the chain it should point it out in service manual?
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