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  1. Rear strut brace, ARB at the rear, help needed

    I also emailed him & he replied he's had some personal problems but would get back to us with prices. I also sent him a link to this thread
  2. Rear strut brace, ARB at the rear, help needed

    I'd also be interested in a Hugh's engineering rear strut brace if they can still be made
  3. Vibra-technics engine mounts experience

    I have the upper mounts & they're stiffer than my mates THS ones. There is next to no movement from my engine now and quite a bit of vibration in the cabin at low rev's/idle. My car definatley feels better to drive than with standard mounts well worth the upgrade
  4. NW Rolling Road Day

    I'm up for this as long as I can sort this relentless v3 manifold out in time & I'm not working!
  5. Manifold

    I fitted mine at the weekend & my advice would be take the head off. I did mine on a ramp & left the head on, what a nightmare! Use OEM gaskets and you'll need plenty of patience, some bolts you can hardly get a spanner so have a couple spare you can bend/modify to get on all the nuts. Also get...
  6. Is my old car still on the forum?

    Sorry Dan his reg is one letter different to yours his is HZZ not FZZ
  7. Is my old car still on the forum?

    Hi Dan, he is a member on here but rarely posts. I work with him & was with him when he view & collected the car. His user name on here is Nick_17. We are just in the process of doing the rods and fitting the relentless V3 manifold
  8. APR stage 2

    I have APR stage 2 on my LCR but no figures as yet. The map has plenty of torque and feels more aggressive as the stage 1 map but doubt its anywhere near 290bhp. I reckon It's realistically 260bhp but the torque and the delivery of it makes it feel more. I've compared it with a mates revo'd LCR...
  9. Dv008 a bargain?

    All 008's come with the tuning kit buy that's still a brilliant price
  10. Anyone going AwesomeGTI tomorrow

    Me & another lcr are going
  11. Just at awesome GTI

    I only made 235bhp at the wheel but 293ftlb of torque on stage 1 APR with my 210 amk & they didn't seem concerned! I was slightly dissapointed with the figures but feels quick enough on the road so I've never worried about it.
  12. Car security: to stop your car being driven off?

    Revo & APR offer an ecu lock out function with their remaps which is always an option
  13. mark one

    It shouldn't affect handling but is an MOT fail. If your replacing the spring It's best to replace both sides
  14. speedo accuracy ... aded video

    HGV Tacho's are calibrated every 2 years a car is not so accurately calibrated
  15. Engine oil quantity

    Oil & filter change is 4.7 litres
  16. tyres in stoke on trent

    Hot lane tyres in burslem are toyo dealers and are reasonably priced as for tracking PSI tuning did 4 wheel alignment on my LCR think it was around £40 though
  17. thermostat.

    I bought one from euro cat parts for £6'ish It's lasted 4 weeks and has stuck open again so looks like I'll be flushing the coolant system and fitting a new one again
  18. EML due to decat

    you could try one of these but is a bit pricey http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Oxygen-sensor-Spacer-O2-/220697978346?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item33629fe5ea i have used one of these as i couldn't be bothered with the wait from the usa but i had to use some washers to space it out...
  19. Downpipe Removal Failure!!

    Can you get a hammer & chisel up there and split the nut?
  20. Antifreeze?

    i don't think it's neat coolant just a clear dye or a pale amber colour that looks a clear colour once mixed with water. i know mercedes used to use one in the cars (i work on the mercedes commercial vehicle side) and the ford premium stuff is clear.
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