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  1. Xanthianx

    The New Arrival

    It varies really, I live 2.7miles from work, some of which is a 50mph, rest is a 30mph, and its uphill, so on the way to work I can get about 35, on the way home I can get 40. I did a trip from Worcester to Silverstone last weekend and got 51 which was A roads and motorway, I was quite happy...
  2. Xanthianx


    Since end of March, done 1499 :)
  3. Xanthianx

    Sound System

    Garage arent playing ball? then I suggest you put some pressure on them, Youve had a car for a week that is now broken or may have been broken at purchase they have a duty to repair/refund that, doesnt matter that its a sound system. Your consumer rights – products must be: of satisfactory...
  4. Xanthianx

    Facelift Fr Double DIN

    Is this on a 2013 model? Reason I ask us they moved the hazards, airbags & traction control buttons just below the head unit. Would like to do this to mine but unsure what to do about the buttons
  5. Xanthianx

    The New Arrival

    Wish I'd taken that pack now really, should be called convenience pack! I'm guessing they wont retrofit things for same additional cost? - I'd imagine some of it is factory fitted.
  6. Xanthianx

    The New Arrival

    Whats in the tech pack?
  7. Xanthianx

    The New Arrival

    Managed to hit 52mpg on a trip from Worcester to Silverstone today (110miles+), was very impressed :) and that wasn't Sunday driving either!! ... well not all of it ;) I reckon I should have haggled more when I bought mine, people getting things thrown in, I got sod all.. Paid 12.3 for mine...
  8. Xanthianx

    Give me your ideas!

    Thought the seat "race brakes" where around a grand?
  9. Xanthianx

    The New Arrival

    Nice to see another 1.2tsi owner, its a great little engine, packs a punch and still cheap to run, just approaching 1500 miles on mine and mpg is just getting better and better. And who can complain at the £30 tax either!?
  10. Xanthianx

    Give me your ideas!

    thats far from a cheap upgrade :p
  11. Xanthianx

    "FR" Badge under side repeaters

    Actually considering doing this myself now, but the stickers you get from ebay are shite. I dont think using the proper badges (used on grille) will look very good.
  12. Xanthianx

    Give me your ideas!

    Whats the difference between the Cupra and standard headlights?
  13. Xanthianx

    "FR" Badge under side repeaters

    What pillars? Would have to stick it on the black bit on the rear side windows, tbh i think it would look better below the repeaters edit : quick photoshop mockup of 2 locations : Looking at it now, i think i prefer it on the window :P
  14. Xanthianx

    to buy new ibiza?

    1.4dsg engine is meant to be good but has oil issues I think. personally ive gone for the 1.2tsi - 105bhp, £30 tax 35-40mpg, cant go wrong
  15. Xanthianx

    Door sill protector stickers/vinyl

    I purchased these as it actually protects the sill at the same time as looking rather nice. Obviously they cost a fair bit more http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SEAT-SCHWARZE-EINSTIEGSLEISTEN-IBIZA-IV-6J-3-TURER-SC-/390115345165?pt=DE_Autoteile&hash=item5ad4afc30d They do some different designs as well.
  16. Xanthianx

    1.2 tsi remap

    I've recently emailed DNA tuning in Birmingham (not sure if anyone has used them?) , they are an authorised APR mapping shop. Anyway, turns out APR don't have a map for the 1.2TSI, but DNA have got their own and claims to gain 33bhp which is quite impressive as most only say 25bhp, at the cost...
  17. Xanthianx

    How it looks at the moment..........

    English flag imo ;P
  18. Xanthianx

    Paint code

    Under the carpet in the boot should be a sticker Like this Bit circled will be the paint code
  19. Xanthianx

    How it looks at the moment..........

    That orange fascia inside does not look nice :s
  20. Xanthianx

    Pictures of betty my track grey cupra :D

    Does look very nice, and the orange bits go really well :)
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