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  1. How many Miles

    My lcr 120k! My lc 164k hahaha!
  2. anyone know what the thing is with cups on called that the driveshaft goes onto

    We call them driveshaft/gearbox couplings in work buddy!
  3. Error code p0171

    Check for spilt hoses around the inlet, could be a vacuum hose letting air in and messing with your mixtures.
  4. Hints and Tips - Engine change

    My girlfriend wouldn't let me near her make up haha! She probably spends more in the Mac shop than i do on the Mac tools van hahaha!
  5. P0171 - System too lean (bank 1)

    Could be the cat, could also be an intake leak, check your pipes off the inlet manifold for splits and holes!
  6. what have you done to your car today ?

    Yesterday I insured my new lcr and had it dyno'd it ran 245hp and 278lbft! It's only stage one but I'm very happy with it, it's a lot faster than my old cupra! Today I cleaned my car and fitted my new Pioneer headunit and a 12v socket in the chubby hole next to the steering wheel and drivers...
  7. End of a really good few months

    Looks amazing! I need to clean mines up to sell haha! What products did you use?
  8. Leon turbo not boosting

    Had it checked for fault codes? Check them first!
  9. Hints and Tips - Engine change

    Me and my brother in law changed the engine in his type r a few months ago, Learned a few things label EVERY bolt, a lot of time was spent trying different bolts haha! Heard of people using the trays for small baking cakes with 12 in the tray. Do you Have an engine hoist? We never used one, we...
  10. Scottish SeatCupra.net Members

    hi guys! im Liam, 21, from livingston but i work in aberdeen i drive a 02' leon cupra auq!
  11. Dog bone mount.

    i was looking at the ecs mount but seeing as i have a press went for the bushes, im just waiting on my small bush coming, thought id fit my big/dual bush today so i could do a before/part-after/finished-after, only thing is, 1 one the 13mm's snapped :cry: gonna sort it tommorow when the small...
  12. Hello! new scottish member!

    hi, im Liam!im from livingston but working in aberdeen! 2 weeks ago i purchased my first vag car ever. a mk1 leon cupra 180! decided to join and start posting instead of lurking haha!
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